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Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. MVTC_Vol_Ver1 5 *
This volume indicator is based on Gail Mercer's article in the Sept. 2012 issue of TASC. It colors the volume bars based on whether the price bar is an up, down, outside, or inside price bar.

The logic is as follows:
- Up bar = current high > previous high and current low >= previous low (green vol bar)
- DownBar = current high <= previous high and current low < previous low (red vol bar)
- OutsideBar = current high > previous high and current low < previous low (gray vol bar)
InsideBar = current high <= previous high and current low >= previous low (transparent vol bar)

Any suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

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Details: MVTC_Vol_Ver1

August 28th, 2012
Size: 3.51 KB

Keywords: color volume
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. KR_PriceLevels_v1 for ToS 5 *
here's a quick one.. inspired by range charts, but simplified and still painted on regular time charts..

i needed something to help me spot common S/R levels and also watch price moves between levels of either % of price or in blocks of a certain dollar value (0.2, 0.5, 1.0 ... etc)

default is to show moves in increment of 0.5% of all-time (based on chart) mid-price, but can be changed to better suit the time aggregation and the underlying price range we're looking at (for shorter timeframe, you may want to look at $.25 levels, for a stock like AAPL you want to look at a $5.0 increments and so on)

The percentage level value is always approximated to the nearest multiple of $0.1 to make it meaningful.

if there's a setting in Override Range Unit, then that's the one the study will use as a unit for the incermental levels.

you can show/hide the levels calc details labels on top using the study settings.

found it interesting and it helps hide a lot of noise from price - also comes closer to my own view of Darvas so thought to share for the Range Chart & breakout trading fans..
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Details: KR_PriceLevels_v1 for ToS

August 23rd, 2012
Size: 1.58 KB

Keywords: breakout levels price range redk thinkorswim tos
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. ALTOGomMP --> Several enhancements/features to GOM MP including Naked VPOC and Naked GAP. 5 *
Enhancements to GOM MP :

1. Added new SPLIT session mode, that will show AH and RTH profiles together in one chart. Works with other types as well.
2. Added Display profile levels such as Trading Session High, Trading Session Low, Mid, VPOC, Value Area High and Value Area Low
3. Added IB minutes parameter to allow you to set initial balance of your preference. IB parameter is turned off for AH session. IB won’t show if you have bar set to more than IB minutes.
4. Enhanced Developing VPOC function. Displays now straight progressing line for clear visibility.
5. Added Naked Vpoc levels with an option to display closed naked vpocs
6. Added Naked Close (GAP) levels with an option to display closed GAPS
7. Added option to display the naked level date and price level to the right panel
8. Added Summary section below the Profile that displays total profile volume with an option to format kilo, million and no formatting.
9. Added Summary section below the Profile that also display Initial Balance range and Daily range.
10. Added option to compute profiles for all bars on the chart vs on screen bars. This is important for naked levels in the past computation and display on screen without a need to squeeze the chart to naked level day.

Updated 05/21 :
Fixed IB settings for 24/7 & RTH Template;
[IB] summary level display adjustment dynamically to the top of the range.

Updated 05/22 :
Upgraded to GOMi's 4.6 version- Thanks to TimeTrade@BMT
Added a separate Pen style for dVPOC.

Updated 05/23 :
Fixed issue with the price display for currency and Bond markets

Updated 05/25 :
Added option to turn the status message off <8.13>
For this to work, additionally download and compile Hot Key Manager file from here GomHotKeyManager

Updated 05/26 :
Fixed Serialization problem for Fonts

Updated 05/27 :
Added toolbar buttons to set profile attributes.
Added option to show IB for overnight session
Added option to set color for summary text
Added option to set color for naked level text
Added option to show Continuous VA/VPOC/VWAP

Updated 05/28 :
Fixed the screen flicker issue

Updated 08/21 :
Attempt to fix performance problem reported during the RTH session start

First read details here :
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Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. vvFocusTitlebar 5 *
An indicator that adds title bar auto hide function to NinjaTrader.
As soon as the chart window loses focus the title bar gets hidden, when the chart gains focus the title bar appears again.
Option to chose between three styles when the window has no focus:
Sizable with Border
Fixed with single line Border

Thread is here:

Also works together with HideTitleBar indicator. In that case set the HideTitleBar-indicator-option Chart changes disabled to TRUE.

Changed name to vvFocusTitlebar.
Aug 7 2012: v1.2, Got rid of the timer and now use focus events.
Aug 19 2012: v1.3 Fixed bug when scrolling chart with arrow keys
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Details: vvFocusTitlebar

August 19th, 2012
Size: 3.03 KB
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. vvCrosshairGaugeWithPrice 5 *
The CrosshairGauge now with added prices on the lines.


Thread is here:

There are several other versions in the thread.

Changed the name to vvCrosshairGaugeWithPrice.

August 17 2012: v1.1
when applied to a chart it is hidden by default now.

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Details: vvCrosshairGaugeWithPrice

August 18th, 2012
Size: 5.31 KB
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. KR_SMI_v2: based on Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI) for ToS 5 *
if you use a Momentum study to identify swings, or start/end of a price move, you may like this one.
in KR_SMI, i try to improve the visulaization and signal of ToS's Stochastic Momentum Index

1. i didn't like that it uses double EMA, so i changed that into a single-time EMA.

2. K Period, d Period .. confusing.. in reality SMI tries to identify the recent movement compared to a longer-term price shift. so i changed that into Look_Back_Period and Length

3. Signal is generated thru a crossing with a slower/smoothed EMA of SMI line. in reality, we can see the change of SMI line trend using colors and get an earlier signal for swings or price move shifting direction (Green = momentum up, red = momentum down, Yellow = possible swing detected)

4. crossing the zero line means a lot (momentum reversing). this is ignored in original indicator. so we added a zero line. Overbought/oversold are at +/-50% by default - but you can change that

screenshot shows how this compares vs the classic SMI in ToS

Best used together with a trend following indicator for a confirmed entry/exit signals.

just realized all the indicators i posted are optimized for dark chart background color. they will look ugly on light-color charts. sorry for that.
beware of a bug in ToS, when you use Inertia or Hull smoothing with AddChartLabel, and you try to enter a lower smoothing value in study settings, the indicator calc behaves erratically. if that happens, remove/re-add the study to your chart. i just found out about that and will report it.

as usual, please do not share outside BMT.
All feedback welcome,
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Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. EuroStoxx50 data from GOM
Here is a zip file with data recorded using GomRecorder. It is not 100% perfect as I run it on my single PC that I travel around if needed (without internet connection) but I thought at least something...

The data are from November 28, 2011 till July 23, 2012.
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Details: EuroStoxx50 data from GOM

August 12th, 2012
Size: 12.55 MB
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. Gradient Color Bars Indicator 5 *
NT 7.0.1000.10

**Do not share, distribute, or modify the Gradient Color Bars Indicator or the idea for use outside the BMT Elite community or for commercial purposes**

Gradient Color Bars:

The concept of coloring bars is nothing new and everyone does it for certain filters. However, the idea for using gradient color bars to spot price divergence may not be new, but has gone un-noticed by many.

The fact that no one (I know, there will be some claims to the contrary) has been able to write a decent divergence indicator is because computers can only follow rules and limits. Human eye on the other hand can spot a bird in the sky whether it is 100 yards away or 99.99999 or 100.00001, regardless of the number of decimals (yes, provided the person is not blind).

So, it makes sense if one can spot divergence by subtle changes in the gradient coloring of the bars where a computer might miss because it was not instructed to “see.”

What I think is original about this indicator (for future claims) is applying the concept to a variety of conditions and filters to spot divergences (among other price behaviors) where the usual indicators and computers will miss most of the time.

This simple indicator has much potential. The current version is based on one filter. The goal is to bundle a number of filters and let the coloring be done based on the most relevant and promising filter. So, future versions will include other methods and filters for gradient color bars.

As with any indicator (Stoch, RSI, etc.), this filter cannot be used on its own alone. I am considering to use one version of this indicator for confirming price action and formations at different time frames as a trading tool.

This version includes candle outlines to better determine if a bar is an UP bar or a Down bar. The indicator is best viewed on a chart with Silver background.

Please refer to a thread with the same name for Color Gradient Divergence rules here:


July 24 2012: New color options.
August 12 2012: Bugfix, Apparently a couple of members are having issues with the option for candle outline.
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Details: Gradient Color Bars Indicator

August 12th, 2012
Size: 11.33 KB
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. vvSuperGauge 5 *
Based on the RRforcory, this also shows position sizing and has two modes: R/R or fixed targets.
Supports up to 3 targets and one stop.

Thread is here:

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Details: vvSuperGauge

August 8th, 2012
Size: 5.30 KB
Access denied - You must be an Elite Member to access this file, and be logged in. Update: KR_Trender v4 for ToS 5 *
Here is my big update of previously posted KR_Trender_v3 for ToS (aka, the Rainbow_Trender). My goal is to put together a trend detection indicator (based on multi-EMAs - the most basic and enduring concept), that makes it simpler to visualize good trends to ride, and more reliable to take positions, "add to position" in case of possible continuation, and exit if trend is found to be slowing down.

pls feel free to try with different instruments, timeframes, and provide feedback. (good & bad all welcome)...

full post where this started here


So what represnts an ideal trend, when is a "Full Trend Alignment" detected?
this is based on the calculation of an average "score" of price relative to 3 EMA's of different lengths, and of these EMA's each to the next longer one. to explain in chart terms: a full up trend is detected when the price (P, i use HLC3 by default) moves and stays above EMA10, AND the EMA10 crosses above EMA20 AND EMA20 crosses above EMA40. otherway around for an established down trend. now I don't have to plot all these EMAs on my price charts . i can also add more weight to score of price action relative to fast EMA for reduced lag of signal

Note: the EMAs are hardcoded in the study. i set only one in the study settings, and then it takes half length of it as the faster EMA, and double length as the slower length .. i thought of making all 3 lengths adjustable from study settings, but preferred to keep this part simple. for bigger timeframe trend, i can set to 100, knowing it will take 50, 100 and 200 EMAs into the calc

Key changes for v4:
Simplify visulaization: removed vertical lines (found them nice but confusing), replaced with Chart Labels.

Better position decision making:
Added visual clue when a full trend alignment is detected (small green/red squares)

Chart Labels reflecting:
  1. Trend Status Up, Down, or Retracing (Trend is slowing down or possibly reversing)
  2. Strength of price move: Weak, Medium, and Strong
  3. Position Recommendatoin: Long, Short, Break (this is where things get interesting. The position recommendation is made more strict. KR_Trender will only give a go "Long" or "Short" if a full trend alignment is detected (the Green/Red small squares) AND the move is sustained or getting stronger (in either directions up or down). otherwise, the recommendation is a "Break !" which means i should close the position, or add to it if other PA analysis tells me there's a chance of trend continuation.

Other changes:
exposed settings for desired Trend Level. i would keep it between 30 & 40, but you can try different values. also we still have an optional weight for score of fast price action relative to the 3 EMA's

Please do not share outside of BMT.. feel free to send me any feedback if you find this helpful in capturing trends (or not, or if you think i should simplify or add something i missed)
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Details: Update: KR_Trender v4 for ToS

August 7th, 2012
Size: 4.19 KB

Keywords: momentum redk stochastic thinkorswim tos trend trender


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