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Murrey Math Buttons for eSignal 5 *
MurrayMathAltButtons.EFS (eSignal)
Older indicator by Chris Kryza still works great!

README for MurrayMathAltButtons.EFS
Current Version 3.3.0 - 04/28/2003
This script was developed and tested using the features available in:
eSignal Release Candidate 7.2
Build 541
Dated: 01/21/03
If you are using an earlier eSignal version, it is possible and even
likely that errors will be generated when you attempt to use this
also... this particular release (3.2.0) makes use of the new features
available in Beta 566. If you don't have this Beta, don't worry and
the script will run just fine under an earlier version (as long as
your version is 7.2 Build 541 or greater!).

If you are currently using an older version of this script, please
completely unload (i.e., the Remove option in the chart pop-up menu)
the old script from your Advanced Chart Template and then load this
new version. If you don't completely remove the old version first, then
any new parameters that have been added will not show up and errors will
likely be generated.
This script does a fairly good job of creating Murrey Math lines
in an eSignal chart. It is based on the work of Tim Kruzel found in
the public domain and, as tested, the numbers seem to match up with
Tim's AMM frame calculator program. The biggest recent addition is
the button feature which allows you to quickly change parameters
without going into the Edit Studies dialog.
Version history is available at the bottom of this ReadMe.
For information on Murrey Math please go to Murrey's web site

Buttons - If you use the Buttons option (where buttons display on
the screen so you can quickly change frame size, etc.) you must
double-click on the buttons for the screen to refresh properly. Eventually
I will figure out how to make it all work with a single-click.
Frame Size - Size of 4 removed as an option and size of 8 added.
When using this script with Intraday bars there is a small issue with
grid alignment as the very first bar of the day is forming. For example,
if you load a 5-min chart with this script at 9:00am EST the last bar
displayed will be yesterday's closing bar (assuming you have a time
template that restricts display to market hours). The grid alignment
will be correct. At 9:30am, the market opens and the first 5-min bar of the
new day will begin to display. You will notice at this time that the Blue
start-of-frame vertical line will be (incorrectly) shifted one bar to the
right. The solution is to simply right-click in the chart and choose the option
at the bottom of the pop-up menu to reload the MurrayMathAlt.EFS script.
The script will then realign and you should have no further problems. This
issue only comes into play as the first bar of the day is forming and will
automatically correct itself after the first bar has completed. So, if you
are trading 1-min bars you probably won't even notice it, if you are trading
15-min bars then you should probably do the 'refresh' as described above. This
is on my short-list of things to fix.

When using this script with Daily bars, the start-of-frame value
is based on the date of October 2, 2002 which I believe is the
correct value. This date will need to be changed each year (it is
one of the script options discussed below).
When using this script with intraday bars, the script will use the center-
point of the day (11:58am) to calculate the vertical time bars based upon
the frame size that is currently being used.
Intraday operation is probably best if used with an eSignal time template
that only displays bars during market hours (i.e., 9:30am - 4:00pm EST)
(4:15pm for Futures). This will force the MM calcs to skip the pre- and
post-market data. If, however, you wish to use this script with all sessions,
I see no reason why it wouldn't work for you.
Copy the EFS script file into one of your Formula Folders. Formula Folders
are typically found at C:\Program Files\eSignal\Formulas. You can copy it into
any of the available folders (e.g., BuiltIn, Helpers, Downloads, etc.).
The actual EFS file is heavily commented so if you have questions just load the
EFS file into the eSignal Formula Editor and review the code.
Several options can be adjusted from within the eSignal Study Properties
frSize: Frame Size. This can be set to 8,16,32,64,128 or 999 for AutoFrame. Default value is 64.
frOptIncrement: Optimum 1/8th Increment Size: This only comes into play if the frSize option is set to
999 which activates the AutoFrame feature. The AutoFrame feature attempts to find the
MM frame size that has 1/8th increments that most closely match the value that you set
in frOptIncrement. For example: When daytrading the S&P EMini, a 1/8th increment size of
2 ES points would be nice. To accomplish this, set the frSize option to 999 and then set
the frOptIncrement to 2.0. This will force the script to evaluate all frames sizes (e.g.,
8,16,32,64 and 128) and it will pick the one that results in 1/8th increments closest to
our 2 points.
frMult: Frame Multiple: This can be set to 1, 1.5 or 2. Default value is 1.5.
frIgnoreWicks: Ignore the wicks when computing High and Low prices. This can be set to 0 (don't ignore wicks) or
1 (ignore wicks). Default value is 1 (i.e., ignore wicks)
frSpeedUp: Draw (bot to top) speed lines in current price/time square. This can be
set to either 0 (don't draw) or 1 (draw). Default is 0.
frSpeedDn: Draw (top to bot) speed lines in current price/time square. This can be
set to either 0 (don't draw) or 1 (draw). Default is 0.
frMomUp: Draw (slanting upward) 45-degree momentum lines within the current price/time
square. This can be set to either 0 (don't draw) or 1 (draw). Default is 0.
frMomDn: Draw (slanting downward) 45-degree momentum lines within the current price/time
square. This can be set to either 0 (don't draw) or 1 (draw). Default is 0.
frCircles: Draw the circles on the chart. This can be set to either 0 (don't draw them)
or 1 (draw them). Default is 1.
frRightMargin: Max number of bars to extend to the right when creating a new Price/Time
square. The purpose of this option is to conserve screen space when a new
square is created. This can be set to any integer value. The default value
is 15. Note: no error checking is done so if you type in a non-numeric value
the script will likely generate an error. This feature now works with both
intraday and daily charts (previously was intraday only).
frStartDate: Base date for calculation of non-intraday frame start. Default setting is
October 2, 2002. This will need to be changed each year. Note: You must type
in the complete date (i.e., October 2, 2002 or April 4, 2000, etc.). NOTE:
frStartDate MUST be an actual trading day (e.g., not a Sat, Sun or holiday).
frUseButtons: Display buttons on the chart that allow you to quickly change frame sizes and
also to draw speed and momentum lines. This can be set to either 0 (don't display
buttons) or 1 (display buttons).
frTimeLines: Draw the vertical time lines on the chart. This can be set to either 0
(don't draw them) or 1 (draw them). Default is 1.

frBaby8: Draw lines and prices at mid-point of MM lines (e.g., Baby Eighths). This can be
set to either 0 (don't draw them) or 1 (draw them). Default is 0.
frVertColor: Draw the vertical time lines using the standard 8th colors or draw them as
grey lines. This can be set to 1 (use colors) or 0 (don't use colors). Default
is 0.
So, an example completed Edit Studies window would look like this:
frSize: 64
frOptIncrement: 2.0
frMult: 1.5
frIgnoreWicks: 1
frSpeedUp: 0
frSpeedDn: 0
frMomUp: 0
frMomDn: 0
frCircles: 1
frRightMargin: 10
frStartDate: October 2, 2002
frUseButtons: 1
frTimeLines: 1
frBaby8: 0
frVertColor: 0
Comments, bug reports, etc. should be posted in the EFS Studies Bulletin Board area
on eSignal Central or sent to me directly at [email protected].
Chris Kryza
[email protected]

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Details: Murrey Math Buttons for eSignal
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