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Cryptocurrency poll
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Cryptocurrency poll

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SMCJB View Post
So Bitcoin has now split in two, which comes with it a whole lot of other issues. How can anything that splits like this because some of the people behind the scenes can't agree, be considered a viable currency?

Bitcoin fork happens | Business Insider
Bitcoin falls, futures for new 'bitcoin cash' briefly leap nearly 50% as 'miners' officially split currency | CNBC
Bitcoin Cash Brings Legal Risk, User Outrage for Coinbase |

Not exactly. There is just another bitcoin which is BitCoin Cash (BCC).
The split is the community of investors and miners who are mining now the new currency.
The same thing happened in Ethreum when it was split to the Hard Fork. Nowadays you have the original ETC (Ethereum Classic) and ETH. The new ETH is more flexible and the Blockchains have been adopted by small and large organizations building the Ethereum Consortium.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains are new technologies and I suspect that we will see many evolutions in these technologies.

It reminds me of the early days of search engines. We had Lycos, Magellan, Infoseek, Web Crawler, HotBot, and nowadays we are down to three where Google takes up about 70%. I suspect the same thing will happen across this technology as well.

Matt Z
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This is relevant for those that are reading this thread and not terribly familiar with crypto's or are somewhat taken aback by them due to their unique nature and how they work. Fear not, you aren't alone. In his blog Simon Black gives a nice overview of that very subject...

...and as an aid, he points to Ben Yu's essay, Cyptocurrency 101...

Hopefully some find these helpful and informative.

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How To Report Bitcoin Cash And Avoid IRS Trouble
August 2, 2017 | By: Robert A. Green, CPA
Tax reporting for the receipt of Bitcoin Cash
The initial market price of Bitcoin Cash was $266 per unit, which was 9.5% of the comparable Bitcoin unit price at that time of $2,801. Bitcoin holders were distributed one unit of Bitcoin Cash for each unit of Bitcoin, a separate financial instrument with a liquid market value. In the eyes of the IRS, that’s taxable income.

Bitcoin holders should report the receipt of Bitcoin Cash on their 2017 income tax returns. It does not qualify as dividend income on Schedule B since a cryptocurrency is not a security. It’s also not considered interest income on a debt instrument or bank deposit. I suggest reporting the value received as “Other Income” on line 21 of Form 1040 —a catchall category for income that does not fit into a standard category.

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Important Economic Risks & Value Require Hard Work if We are to Understand

In my work over the years I tend to find that the world works like the .com boom and crash. One day everyone's a sycophant of the new system or the same old system more often, and then the next day they all hate it without remorse. As they continue to subscribe to it with total devotion and compassion for it and its faithful believers while they hold onto each other and old memories of "theirrrrr" best rewarding days and times, they only wind up feeling furious and depressed clinically because of the continuous betrayal.

The problem is that nobody really knows what is going on in the first place, or they would have navigate the rise and fall safely. If anyone does know though, they are shunned because what they know is not applicable to the system of the day and what is going on in it at the moment. It's not "in." It is then sacrilegious or heresy to briefly describe what that is to them. It's heresy. A sacrificial enemy to reap by leverage of the collective that is in awe and belief or at least willing to reap the outsider together.

Well, the truth is that people are working and managing in their social relationships in every respect, so they've never gone down the road to understand it all. Anyone that could wind down that long road of understanding happenstance probably had no other choice unlike most other people. It's the same as a person that had no choice to be not an auto mechanic but be an expert at another profession would not successfully navigate this unfamiliar profession safely. But people can understand that. These abstract systems of beliefs and values people do not understand so readily as it is not their profession. Civilization science may not even be their interest, yet they are drawn into frauds on order of magnitudes which dupes the most people out of the most value time and time again over the ages, thousands of years of empirical proof of it, and they simply never learn where the information is being rigged, so that they never learn where the big hit or crash is going to come from, for if they knew, the riggers of that information flow would not capitalize on it, and so it becomes again and again in every case in history that exposing the riggers and where the information is rigged at becomes that heresy or even what they call UnPC or even just stupid and fascist etc etc etc. Shame and guilt for those who know the error in the people's ways until it collapses on them for lack of understanding of "the profession."

People in the financial and political world are blaming capitalism for the world's ills, and the object of this is to protect the fiat and socialistic supplementation of fake capitalism with fake funny money factories as being the key GDP of this shadowy worldwide empire. Usury of central banks and fractional reserve lending the world around is not capitalism whatsoever. It is fraud both corporately and governmentally.

So you have two empires:

1. Something for nothing which is usury and socialism, communism, and all of the other tribal dialects of Marxism which is the manufactured religion of the Central Bankers from old London and Frankfurt, Hesse (Germany). This is not the first of this something for nothing belief system centralized under kings, cult king priests, rulers called other things whether one or many. This is the gold rush of "the profession" which is in my estimates about 10,000 years old.

2. Something for something which is republicist capitalism. It means that what you receive is what you get because it was agreed upon by the other party rather than taking without sharing what was promised or sharing nothing at all in return for what was taken. One can reach to own the world without deserving to do so, and the other just wants to be the world without the belief anyone can possibly nor should ever centralize systems so fraudulently to claim such ownership especially since the natural state of civilization is a republicist capitalist economy regardless of what anyone named it or not in their minds to their best recollection and knowledge, and those well known centralization frauds always collapse in empire collapses all throughout history all around the world, then the only solution to prolong the high rise construction of such a unsatisfactory order of edicts is to jail, kill, and remove the property rights of the world. The only way to get away with globalized fraud is to globally take hostages which is next to impossible, so beware of genocides which the Marxist dialects are well known for around the world. And we can prove beyond a doubt that German Marx traveled to London where the main central bank, and he wound up with a manifesto of communism specifying the need for a central bank in the second or third rule of the Communist Manifesto World Religion. Yes, I say religion. It is a cult. It is myth, and it never functions except for a few at the top to become very rich at everyone else's expense. Again in order to that to happen, they have to force it to work, and that is done by usurpation of property, life, rights to liberty, and economic value, or they wind up with a world that has rejected them, and all the tyrants have done is for not. One is a belief system bent on something for nothing where dead and enslaved people, taxed and depraved people on rations own nothing so the top can own everything, and the top can be safe from resource shortages as well as conflicting factions of believers that are disinterested in their something for nothing belief system. The question is do the counterparties know that they have to solve for this problem with a something for something republic or not? If they don't know, they will wind up becoming a part of this Marxist world Central Bank hegemony because the infinite money that is the infinitely long whip of the slave masters is so tempting and alluring with stick sweetness that the addicts in their factions cannot overcome it even killing or betraying their own party members in order to have a handle on some of that "inner circle." With infinite money supply comes infinite people problems because it means infinite something for nothing. Everything for nothing cannot work. THINK. It is a conundrum or a folly of basic economic law not written by any rich witch in a high hat on the top floor of a tower. Purpose this solution outright to anyone, and it is the subject of comedy. Twist the words and the system of people around worldwide, and it is "just the way it is."


you have a problem of civilization's economics, and it is in the form of the phenomenon of fiat usury. You nor anyone else including the richest tax exempt central bankers have this problem.

Usury is just the fabrication of money like a contract which (1) a buyer can use for what (2) a seller can use to buy with as well from (3) another seller. There are 3 parties of interest, and one contributed absolutely nothing except a fraudulent chit to own what party 2 had to sell. And in the case of control of companies through stock, control of laws through judges & politicians, then 1 can buy control of law enforcement, media, and education and on and on as well as the means of manufacturing via corporations, that they can literally control the world with that one thing: central bank usury contract or what you call fiat currency. Then of course industries and governments derive revenues and taxes, which is owed back to them legally, and so the money is washed as in laundered, so it grows and blends in, and no one can say anything to the contrary about their legitimacy or not because whoever is in a seat of influence such as governments, media, and professorships even CEO's and so forth believes the script and/or is on the take as the number 2 party.

The number 2 party can be given a lot of fiat usury for very little of what they have. Look at it like people that are in law, media, education, or corporate management can receive far more for far less in return of their power as they are information and power brokers in the vested seats of influence. They in turn can then use those fiat contracts to purchase from many more for much, much less effort than normal work and trade would dictate. It's hard to refuse, and the rest of the people downstream just go with the program like they always have.

Party 1 are priests of values like any cult priest or cult king such as Tut or Montezuma or Mohomed or Monsa Musa the richest king from Timbuktu, and then Party 2 are the sycophants of party 1. Party 3 are the ordinaries that are the sycophants of party 2.

When anyone in 2 doesn't want to be in 2, then they are eliminated by any means whether sabotage or death. When anyone in party 3 doesn't want to believe in party 2 for any reason including their sycophancy for party 1, then they are just fired, but history shows that it can be much worse than that.

And this is a phenomena of civilization science. It is slavery by the way, and for it to work, conquest of more and more party 3 has to happen, thus more and more party 2 has to be conscripted. When there is no more world to turn into party 3, it begins to collapse like every ponzi scheme that comes to an end. Party 1 is the minority. Party 2 fractures as they are professional enough to see how all of this works, how it has gone throughout history, and they disassociate with party 1 as much and as fast as possible while trying to retain as much economic value as possible without getting killed in the process by any of the 3 parties. To be associated with the ones at the top means the same doom for you as for the ones at the top when party 3 will run them over as is always the case because there is always another group of party one with the same system waiting in the fringes for this opportunity.

If you've ever had a grandpa or a grandma that you could say they were tried and true experts at something, then you could say that what they knew had intrinsic worth. They would essentially be number 1 party members in their own cosm. The number 2 party would be those who have to gain from their wisdom, and party 3 would be those who do not understand much about anything either way. If party 1 has never lied, cheated, stolen, or killed anyone except perhaps in defense, then there is no reason to need to disassociate with party 1 UNLESS party 2 or 3 does not value something for something beliefs which is the value system of infallible economics which we ascribe the name capitalism to. That capitalism is also called republicism. Economic capitalistic republicism is civilization as it is and always will be at it's roots, at its base, and no matter what anyone tries to make of it any other way or word either out of foolishness or the wish to gain something for nothing out of "the will of the people" which is a phenomenon all its own or all our own.

A. Some people are only inspired by people who derive the maximum out of themselves for the most people with minimal or extraordinary effort.

B. Some people are only inspired by people who derive the maximum out of the most people for the least effort.

When A is the number 1 party, then the number 2 party is based on their intrinsic worth to derive work and creativity of themselves and of the number 3 party with all in agreeance about what their share of the deal they are working on is. They do not seek the entire civilization necessarily. They don't even believe that they can own or control that. They believe in something for something, or you deserve nothing at all or a worse fate. To try to push the moral platitude on them that says that no one should have to share in order to receives the same reaction as you get when you suggest to anyone about a system of everything for nothing. Remember that these are the strongest kind of people both in physique and in spirit. They are carrying over a century of wisdom in them too. Whether economically or militarily they are at the apex of performance which civilization can achieve because they have never had the opportunity to receive without having some intrinsic value. Even as children they have to perform work satisfactorily in order to be on the good lists, and in order to receive the privileges. All they know is there is no such thing as something for nothing except of course when they are charitable, and they can be charitable in their own right by their own assessment of who or what should be donated to. They do not believe anyone should force charity out of them, and then cop a huge sum of it before they ration a tiny bit out to anyone if anyone received anything at all while they are continuously enslaved to that sort of socialism and income taxation.

So A is a republic.

B on the other hand is a centralized hegemony. There is a saying out there that goes like, "any business that makes money which is of no service is no business at all." That is what the centralized hegemony is whether it's called a temple, a government, a bank, a business, a school, a news syndicate, or even a gazebo. They are all subscribed to some edicts of ideological order which is informational in phenomenon, and they believe in it, or the consequence is sacrifice whether by ceremony or filthy murder or even by war and genocide. Jail and being banned or barred is the same. The court is used for ceremony. There were far more brutal and morbid forms of this sacrificial ceremony used over the ages. This is how the flows of information through the "empire of specific order of edicts" are centralized. This has the effect of an electric power dam on a river which creates a lake, and in terms of civilization science that lake is are the depraved backed up while the energy of the privileged believers may pass through, and the number 1 party is then empowered with infinite resources and security.

They all work the same. The "outsiders" are of a certain look, or a certain language or accent, or from a certain land, or they believe in a certain belief. This is true for the empires of A and the empires of B but with different terms. For instance a wise usurist from a number 1 party is only jailable and or worthy of execution via ceremonial court proceedings before that sacrifice for the sustainability of civilization takes place. A hanging. In empire B that wise usurist with so much wealth and influence on so many sycophants in party B who have so many more sycophants in party 3 all of the same belief in the same "everything for nothing symbology" or information should remain in party 1 to keep all as is. Nobody in party 2 believes that they should rock the boat because this is how they become a member of party 2, and everyone in party 3 wants to stay "in," and they don't want to rock the boat. So in the case of the B empire they sacrifice Socrates, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Jesus, but even beyond that they are still number 1 party leaders of the A empire no matter where you live or when and no matter which empire is on top whether it is A or B. They'd all say the same thing, that usury is rotten. I'll tell you now. Usury is not capitalism because it is antithetical to what republicism means. It's decentralized economy which is really what civilization means. Usury is the centralization of economy on a myth backed by a world of governments and syndicates thus the centralization a civilization, and then you get the crash that must be on the way unless something else is real that I have no discovered about civilization's phenomena.

I need to remind that rightist is republicism which decries that government or centralization is really not a necessity any more than a usury factory is. Leftism is about the centralization factory of government controlled economy and all other civilizational phenomena who will fool you in media, text books, professors, and government re-educating you if that is possible to believe that leftism is saintism, and rightism is heresy. Rightism is certainly heresy because if people are free to think and speak, learn, make, and trade, then what is the point of the oligarchical business of leftism? Why would anyone need to centralize any of this world if rightism is so successful, and then how would the something for nothing get rich and stay rich scheme of leftist centralization ever continue to roll over the world in a tyrannical tirade with wars, pandemics, market crashes, and the worse is yet to come with the technologies coming down the pipeline. They keep rightism heresy in order to allow leftism to succeed, but anyone who has ever worked very hard knows intuitively that leftist centralization of economics always fails because republicist economics is not problem that can be solved by centralizing elitist tyrants with big mouths and no expertise except rhetorician's speaking skills.

You know that the dollar will fail, so you know that capitalism must be blamed. It must be heresy, and this message must be spread by them becoming a sacrilegious belief. I believe you will see this in the coming years ahead. You already see they have labeled what is rightism and republicism what is sacrilegious, but leftism gets a pass no matter how bad they become.

Let's go back to the 1, 2, 3 party phenomena and the A and B ideological empire phenomena. Keep in mind that 1, 2, and 3 parties apply to both A and B empires, and A empires are decentralized civilizational edicts and B empires are centralization edicts when in fact civilization is only an economic phenomenon that is republicist capitalism, but the A empire functions much better than the B empire's constrainment of civilizational exchange of expressions be it word or work for the sake of everything for nothing which is known to be a hazard edict in every solvent business's professions.

We had an A empire spreading, but then a B empire intercepted it with the usury factory edict of central bankism which spoiled everything including the image of capitalism and rightism. Even the image of what is free speech is soiled. So it is one empires trash becoming their empire's number one party leaders by means of the most money not earned but fabricated from nothing to buy everything. If you have any concept of war in regards to economic risk projection models, then you can see where this is a significant issue in these international conflicts and cultural trends. If not, then it may be vague to you.

What if the phenomenon of this usury monopoly factory could not exist?

What if there were another phenomenon which produced a reliable form of money information which the people could decide the value of per their personal beliefs around the world? We could say gold is it, but gold cannot be transferred online. Fiat can be, but it is the root of the ruin of sound economy and civil civilization.

Cryptocurrency fits into the people's need for a currency which is online globally, and it is not capable of creating a global usurist hegemony of mayhem.

Here is why:

Go back to the B empire with the number 1 party which makes up the belief system for the number 2 party to enforce for extremely high pay which is redeemable to many, many people in the number 3 party. If the people in the number three party turn on the myth money from usury temples, and they begin to pay the costs to mine cryptocurrencies similar to miners and gold mining costs, and the people around the world begin to facilitate the ledger operations in a democrist decentralized network where anyone's computer's ledger that can't match the majority of ledgers is rejected, and the ledger processors get paid for every transaction a fee that beats the transaction fees of every bank, credit card, and money transferal service, then where is the 1 party included?

What if the 1 party's money is worth nothing to these people around the world with cryptocurrencies and independent internet news, education, and trade? I'll tell you. They're empire will collapse, but their fiat empire would have risen to total control if fiat could not have ever failed. But fiat did fail, and the world did turn their back as soon as they saw this coming.

Therefore A empire retakes the reigns, and A empire continues to spread accumulating market share as people believe in them and their wisdom and talents in the ways of natural republicist capitalism all viewable in truth online. B empire begins to lose believers, and without believers they have no government backing, so they can easily be crushed without fear of retaliation because power is not derived from their monopoly on the commodity of cash. Power is what they people do, and if they can't buy it, they can't use it against them which is what they have been doing.

Oh, but what about manipulating the masses with myths and beliefs like has been done for the past 10,000 years no differently than now. Yes, they will try. They will be exposed for what they are online, and they will lose election after election, and they will lose business after business. The more they lie, cheat, steal, jail, and kill in order to get their way, the more they are exposed online forever because the cyber republic knows all, sees all, and remembers forever. The archives on information technologies do not forget, and that to usurists or any other kind of demagogue in the business of usurpation is intrinsic risk.

Intrinsic risk. Everyone is worried about intrinsic worth of currency, but fiat is okay, right? How about the intrinsic risks of fiat? Do they work so hard that they know all about that one? It's a phenomenon they worry about, so they should speak about it publicly.

Now the intrinsic risk politically and economically is usury and usurpationism being exposed in the commerce of internet information around the world. The king has no clothes because he bought nothing. The cryptocurrency users do have clothes however because they really did buy something. So who is going to believe a naked king over a world of people? You know, thus the intrinsic risk is in fiat, but the intrinsic value is in cryptocoins.

If fiat was successful in paper and then in digits online to you, then a digital fiat incapable of usury must be even better when it is crash proof and warproof.

Would you know that false votes are a problem too? In a way votes are fiat, and politics is the biggest kind of money in the world. It's the difference between who gets to keep what they made, and who gets to steal it all with government police and military backing their political motives.

Blockchain the same way works to solve this problem. In 427 counties in the USA surrounding the metro and big city there were more votes than there were populations in those counties. It is hard to get 20% of the people to vote, but these counties managed to have more votes than people with California and Washington the biggest offenders. Why? Because buying and manufacturing votes is a cottage industry, and it pays the number 1 party of the B empire huge dividends thereafter.

In the Presidential election there is an electoral college that works something like an information hacker firewall. Votes are information, and the political hackers could not breach this genius mechanism devised by A empire number 1 party members which had Exodused a very corrupted Monarchical and Central Bankist Usury Europe.

On the other hand no state or city elections have electoral colleges, so voter fraud runs rampant there far more in local elections than national elections. When the national election comes around, they just do what they have always done.

Imagine what happens to the number 1 party members when they can no longer promise elections with phony votes. They lose political market share, and in order to survive and/or succeed the 2 party members need to decide if they will walk away from role playing in their state or city, or they will change their practices which are of shams to work for the number 1 party leaders which are naturally elected by an A empire. That 2 party from the B empire edict has to decide if they want to remain up or come down.

Here again is a discussion about intrinsic risk and intrinsic values when it comes to economics which is what the conversation about cryptocurrencies is about. The conversation of fiat vs. gold vs. crypto is as much political as economic because these are virtually the same in civilization science. It's a matter of belief, and if people believe that a brand's product is worth more than another, and it is much more demanded than another, then it pays to be in at the bottom understanding the risks and values of what you are buying. You invest not in what you believe is of value, but what the people believe is of value. This is as political as it is economic.

Without knowing these things it is hard to be a successful money manager unless you cheat.

Blockchain currency will be in all of the trading markets. It will disrupt banks, money transfer, and lending industries. It will disrupt contractual, records keeping, and credit rating agencies. It will enter many forms of business processes.

It is a disrupter in that it decentralizes what is the civilization's informational values, and it in the process it cuts intrinsic risk so vastly around the world that the change to civilization unimaginable in this era at the moment. The change is so enormous yet unanimous that it is hard to swallow, and therefore the first reaction to it is either denial or silence.

The main thing though is the phenomena of intrinsic value and intrinsic risk. Where are these phenomena derived? Trend data? From who? The people, and it is based on their beliefs. That is an informational value system, and it is exodusing to the internet as we are here on this superstructure now. If they people do not believe in a form of currency or form of vote or form of business processes because their practice is not decentralized by a blockchain system that cannot be convoluted, then they will side step it. Even if they are tricked into one, they will side step it after they find out it is bad, and they will go to the most secure one.

You have to understand this in order to evaluate the risk to and value of your portfolio.

It is three things in the conversation:

Political risk and value
Economical risk and value
Currency risk and value

My projection models show that the risk drops off severely, and the value increases explosively.

This is the half that I had edited out of this post. I will leave it here just in case anyone wants to read more on these matters and my views.

,, then investing/lending it to derive profits from this phony money. The profit margins on that are infinite, and the only friction between owning the whole world and nothing is the time it takes to accumulate the beliefs of everyone high and low behind law, news, schools, and businesses that you are due the ownership of all that you say you are. But you are not, but try to say that on the mainstream news or in governments. LOL Even most of the lower fools will not know what you are talking about, or they will deny you even said anything true.

The solution is a decentralized blockchain value ledger which is all that organic republicist capitalism is. Money is only information, and even gold is only worth the information on it whether the weight or inscription, and even then it is up to the beliefs of the beholder because price or value is all a belief. Economy is a belief system. Remember the problem of the world is where tyranny figures out how to centralize the information in this economic civilization if expressions and values, so that they can get rich fast, richer than anyone else, and be infinitely secured no matter how vile they have become. They have to have enough to buy a legion of sycophants that can enforce the majority of the collectivists to be their sycophants. 3 tier system. 1 big fraud. This is the basis of country, kingdom, and cult history for 10,000 years. They separate based on appearance, how you talk such as language, where you are from, and what you believe, and if you fit the protocol of the era and the edicts, then you are used usurped. Dead and enslaved people leave behind lots of property. Enslaved people are free money machines. Taxes from the homeland or the foreign land just feed the top of the fraud and the second tier sycophants even more. Think about who the top of the system is now in the world, and who are their sycophants in the second tier that will conspire and conscript to make a base of believers and unquestioning sycophants in their great Marxist Central Bank fraud..........worldwide mind you.

So all of the frauds that people say can be done with Bitcoins or Altcoins can be done with every other kind of currency which is fiat, precious metal, or really any other assets. There are frauds which are purely informational that exploit some loophole in the informational infrastructure of the society without any belongings of any value whatsoever. Whatever the case is that you present the problem is always informational fraud because the system if informational civilization. I'm going to explain it in the oldest known terms for explaining it. Civilization is information and soul. Like straw and mud it forms the empire structure. The information is believed, and the mood is set, thus the will to act or not act is the result. The centralized controllers or usurping tyrants whether major or small simply want to control the information with deception or fraud, fear and deprivation, and therefore they can dam this enormous phenomenon up like a river, and then tap it like an electric power turbine. It collapses though because they are corrupted liars of make believe edicts without any real power or skills necessary to keep an "empire" standing, so it fake edict of fraudulent information which is what an empire's beliefs system is crashes just like a computer full of corrupted files or illogical constructions of automobiles and edifices. They builders do not really know what they are doing because they are really scamming bums. They are idiots in the towers, but they have a legion of sycophants that want to enforce the beliefs on the gullible base level of the population.

Centralizing never works.

Decentralizing works best.

We know that decentralizing works best. Systems that give us empirical evidence of this through multiple centuries are:

Hebrew's Republic 1400's BC
Greek's Democracy
Roman's Republic
The Base Level Economy of the Christian Europeans which were amazingly crafty despite monarchies manipulations
13 Christian American Colonies which were Republics
Post American Revolution Republic

And the last one you should have noticed is the information republic that is forming globally more rapidly than any other in the world in history which is the internet information republic only 20 years old but a whole world strong already.

The concept here is to derive the information from the people rather than someone in a shiny rock laden tinfoil hat in a lazy boy's robe. The people inherently know who is the best at what is the problem or the task at hand regardless of how rich someone is in their shiny lazy boy in a security bumker.

In the republics regardless of a government gang somewhere or warlord or cult priest gang etc (if you've done history, you know what that means) a person has to learn to earn, and then earn to receive. To do otherwise gets you tarred and feather, or jailed and prosecuted/sued for lying, cheating, stealing, fraud, and/or killing. The bottom tier or caste is obvious. It's the people that know the least, and therefore are of the least value.

In the republic the crooks are the bottom caste so to speak. The fools are those in the next level up. Yes, fools are what they may and what they will, and they are higher both morally and economically which are virtually the same because of the cost of risks than the lowest caste of crooks. The top caste is the wisest and most expert of the land, and no one can be born into it unlike in the centralized systems of governments, kingdoms, and cult temples.

Often in this state of republicist capitalism which is what civilization is regardless of what fraudulent belief edicts have designed and said otherwise people assume that who is richest is wisest because one has to be very wise and expert to be rich. In a corrupted system bent on world wide usury production and socialistic supplementation for failures that fit the corrupted edicts of the top of the false empire it is easy to see many, many rich people that are neither learnt nor earned to their financial status they which appears to be legitimate. The only skill set they will exude is their perfectly posed sycophancy for the class of globalists in in our current case which make their wealth possible or impossible depending on their whims.

We have fools running the economic system which is the natural phenomenon of republicist capitalist civilization, and they are rich. Do fools run a successful operation? No. They collapse a successful operation.

The successful operation is the phenomenon of civilization or what you call the people's business. It's what people do. They are tapping that, and they are daming with fraudulent information in order to do what it is they do with all of the money and controls even though the money starts as fake. It is myth money no more economic power than the hieroglyphs of the pharaohs' pointed castles in the deserts.

Given the phenomena a wise person can figure out the possible outcomes.

What you will begin to see more and more of is that capitalism is rotten in order to switch the blame for the fiat phony money system collapse worldwide away from Central Bankers and Marxist Cult or Economic Religiosity.

If they do not succeed, then all that has been done from the time they struck the first central bank in London, 1694 will be for not. That's the Bank of England by the way which took Great Britain's conquest for the world to the top. They coupled with Rothschilds from the same operation in Frankfurt, Hesse (now Germany), spread their brothers around Europe to form a central bank oligarchy with governmental backing in France, Austria, Italy, Germany, and England, and they never looked back. Great Britain pulled back or receded, but they left behind the Central Banks around the world of which there are only 2 or 3 nations left without one.

They tapped the entire global civilization with a loophole in the phenomenon of civilization, and they are going to attempt that the natural order of this phenomenon of civilization doesn't work because the problem they made with usury money doesn't work. Therefore they capture this big blue and green diamond called earth.

I kid you not. Infinite profits means total control, but total control corrupts infinitely too, so is it possible?

Did capitalism make a funny money factory, or would all of you agree that no company should be able to make and profit from a phony money factory? You all can see as well as I can.

The blockchain will be a decentralized ledger for tracking money, votes, and all sorts of order of business, and people will not like it when you are not verified by blockchain because it is not proven it is not corrupted by the people's natural worldwide system such as that, thus that belief is that it is less valuable. Therefore more value means the best blockchain.

Let's keep in mind that the value everyone believes the dollar is worth is what it is despite the truth about the usury factory. Value or price is a belief, thus the economic system is a belief system whether on corrupted crutches or not.

The same is true about the blockchain cryptocurrency.

What is also true about fiat, gold, and cryptocurrencies is that the loophole in their infallibility and fallibility are both phenomenal. When I say phenomenal I mean that they are like basic codes written in the function of the universe like gravity, light, EMF, time/space, life, the spirit of life, information, and arithmetic.

-Fiat usury deals with the information and the spirit of life, and it fraudulently creates more economic value for the makers of it while taking economic value form every other member of the economic civilization. They claim to be capitalist, but they are kleptocratic, and they are anti republicist because if the wisest experts can expose them, they will be detained or worse for many threats to many nations.

-Gold currency deals to with information, with atomic chemistry, and the spirit of life. The belief about the value is the spirit of life as is always the case in economic matters, the value that is appended to the gold is the information that is believed about its price whether by weight, inscription or age of the inscription, demand, supply......

-Cryptocurrency is on the blockchain, so it is a phenomenon of arithmetic on an information technology system network spread around the world much better than any single government can achieve. The value is informational, and it is of the belief of the spirit of life which are the same phenomena that are applied to any currency or anything economic value applied to anything else that you can imagine. Being in business you all should be able to imagine many things that may not be considered conventional currency, but they can be used as currency in a trade like currency is used.

The cryptocurrency is arithmetic in phenomenal nature, and that arithmetic is enforced by the computers. The computers that process that information are then held up to a standard of democratic vote. The processes are the ledger just like the ledger of a bank which constantly gives itself more and more money, but the ledger is universal on the information highway system we call the internet which is a republicist empire all its own. Keep in mind that for republicism to function as in for civilization to function capitalism much occur, and capitalism is an economic value system as in economy. Do you not see that the economic system of capitalism is on the internet republic of information worldwide? You do, and I would call that an exodus from the cost of inconvenience and for the promise of a better existence both with more convenience and services, and for more value such as all of the information we can fill our spirit with which creates even more value. Don't people that are full of more education for much less money have more value? And a system that is worth more value, would that be something economically feasible to corrupt or deprave if you were say of the priest class of supposed governments or banks? You may go completely broke as you are exposed here on the internet the world around within 24 hours if you do go against this revolution of empires, and that is the cost of risk again, therefore finding something of value to do for the republic should be in the best interests of would be hegemonic megalomaniacs playing with phony money and laws if they want to receive from the worldwide republic.

So as you can see that phony money factory phenomenon is stifled, and the value of civilization is exponentially super nova because the truth about would be mass population con artists and frauds can be dispensed all around the world quicker than it could travel around a small town 100 years ago, and they cannot manufacture votes nor money which in moral economic terms which is a real phenom by the way are virtually the same informationally especially to the megalomania in politics, cults, and even science as we've seen in just the climate change hoax alone.

The conclusion is this. If you want to remain wealthy, know what is ahead. If you want to become wealthy, study on the internet a few years, and begin to contribute to this worldwide republic to receive from in it in a fair exchange of value agreed upon by everyone. If you want something for nothing, you are going to have to lie and deceive a lot of people, and you may even have to kill them whether few or massive numbers to get and retain a lot of something for nothing, but the environment is changed. When they think that you are corrupt out there, you don't win elections no matter how good your fraud, lies, and hoaxes may appear to you. When you don't win, many wealthy donors and interests also lose a lot of money in your failed attempts. This also applies to business leaders when people boycott you because you have been proven to be corrupt or ignorant of what republicist value systems are which I explained above not which I have made up or exaggerated for entertainment purposes on anyone.

In other words a tight order of operation is coming, and as far as the fooeys that think they know best about this cryptocurrencies value or even the prestige of CNN reports and commentary there is no verifiable science to prove that fiat nor precious metals or anything has more value than blockchain currency. Why you say? Because value is a belief, and if more people believe that a doodad gadget is worth something, then more do that, and it is their belief just like people are believing fiat is worth something or anything else that money has been thought of.

The fiat doodad gadget is falling out of favor and for good reason too. It's corrupt and phony, and they are ruining the whole world with it. Their history of genocide, wars, disease, starvation, collapses, and endless pandemonia with no mitigation in site is a phenomenon itself which will be part of history lessons in the distant future but is not for now because they rule the school lessons and the news and even the governments for now which is not much different than any other time nor place in this world before.

If people want the trustworthy cryptocurrency in fiat's place, then it is valuable, and if you want to do business as a broker of value, then you too will want cryptocurrency, and there is no government, bank, or what have you that can say otherwise because they are just a few people in the large sea of the internet republic empire. No one government rules this empire because as soon as someone thinks that is what they do, people from around the world beholden to know land or empire if they choose not to be will just wrap around that roadblock, and subterfuge it in an informational highway of information mechanics. And when it comes to cryptocurrencies it's more than that. It's the whole world not just the information mechanics on this superstructure wrapped around the world.

Governments can fight each other, but they can't fight the world. They can't even fine it, and they really can't even find it now in this superstructure and all else that it is informationally AND economically which is the main thing we want to hide or secure from the creatures that seek this from within those governments and the central banks because republics do what they do without anyone there to say they can do it better as a law and a penalty to justify that they are right. They become a risk to the value of things, and that is expensive.

The value of the fiat is at risk, and that is due to governments and banks. It is empirical fact that the cost of their interventions will be high. But the world is not a bunch of rich gunks trying to hold on to the redemption worth of it. They are people learning and exploring then trading what they can do for what they can receive which is where every richy rich had begun in the first place, and what can be received will be based on the cryptocurrencies not the fiat currencies because we all ask this civilization what we may receive, and no one not even governments which central banks rely on can say otherwise because in this new age of reason "value of the people's beliefs" is in here on this superstructure not written on a bank ledger or a law book necessarily. That is a capitalistic law of phenomena, and you cannot go against anymore than you can draw the moon to fall into the ocean.

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Crypto Currencies

Blockchain, distributed consensus ledgers, and secure contracts are revolutionary technologies that will absolutely disrupt and change the way value is exchanged.

The whole financial industry will change.

I believe that Nation States will create and create/adopt their own Crypto Currencies. Crypto currencies are a perfect medium to track and tax every transaction. The Fed can create or burn crypto-coins as needed to control the money supply. They can inflate to their hearts desire.

If you think about it how much cash do everyday Americans use.... I would submit less and less. Most of the time I don't carry cash.

I never cash a check from my employer... there is simply credit in my bank account which I then debit to pay bills and buy what I need.

Crypto Currencies and Crypto Platforms are a real threat to the current financial institution and governmental control of the the rigged money game. Look at Jamie Dimon's recent remarks about Bitcoin being a fraud, while other's in JP Morgan are buying the dips.

This technology is a threat and that is why I think governments will act to regulate or even attempt to outlaw crypto-currencies.

Venezuela has outlawed BitCoin and Bitcoin mining. The people of Venezuela are attempting to preserve their purchasing power from the Government's inflationary monetary policy with Bitcoin.

XRP is distributed ledger technology that many banks are already adopting to transfer money from bank-to-bank. It is much cheaper and faster than the "SWIFT" system.

These technologies will impact almost every aspect of your life.

Crypto-currencies and platform tokens (Alt-coins) are where the internet was at in it's infancy.

The change will come faster than you thinkl

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Razor View Post
Blockchain, distributed consensus ledgers, and secure contracts are revolutionary technologies that will absolutely disrupt and change the way value is exchanged.

I believe that Nation States will create and create/adopt their own Crypto Currencies.

This technology is a threat and that is why I think governments will act to regulate or even attempt to outlaw crypto-currencies.

XRP is distributed ledger technology that many banks are already adopting to transfer money from bank-to-bank. It is much cheaper and faster than the "SWIFT" system.

Crypto-currencies and platform tokens (Alt-coins) are where the internet was at in it's infancy.

I agree with your statement and have left in key parts that I think are a good focus. The real Q is how the current landscape (bitcoin as the main dominant ccy) will change once governments begin to regulate. How will people react to govt issued coins such as the USD coin or FED coin etc? I believe the popularity of crypto ccys is mostly because people distrust the Fed and global financial institutions in the first place so I don't see how they will take control without force.

What if they do use force? Will prices tumble? How can the effectively control this market?

Is there really any value in the coins themselves or more in the technology behind it? This tech can be easily replicated as we have seen with many other coins so is this where we will see the real progress and change come from, with the coins just a speculative frenzy that acted as a distraction?

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It is unlikely government crypto will be any threat unless they make it like cash, anonymous. But, it is unlikely they'd want to do that. Even if they did there are trust issues. As well, a government backed crypto would be stable and not offer as much trading opportunity. If you think about cryptos, one of the major benefits (utilities) is the ability to trade them.

They are an ideal product for algo trading, market making, HFT, etc because you can trade with very small size and try out various algo. And, you can trade for free.

Cryptos are something like an option too with huge upside but can only lose 100% of value. As such, there is probably a natural floor for the major cryptos. So, if they fall then new buyers will come in.

It is possible that they will die. However, it will probably be a long death. There are some events that suggest when it might happen or how it might happen. One is when the BTC quit rewarding miners. That's like 100 years from now but the 99% date is the one I used in my other thread/calculation. It is also possible that technology advances so much that the technology becomes archaic. This would take around 25 to 50 years to happen. I think BTC has at least a 30 year life but what we do not know is at what price. This is assuming a new superior technology doesn't come along and it assumes that the market doesn't split/fracture so much that it loses all creditability in peoples minds.

One way to evaluate whether to buy BTC or at what price is you take what you think the low value should be and the high value and you take the mid point. If you can buy in lower then that price then you might want to buy in. On that valuation, I see a few things that make sense. The assumption is the current value of BTC is just some random variable between the low and high and that all prices are equally likely.

Based on current data, I think BTC is most likely worth between

Highest Probability
$2000 and $8,000
FV = $5,000. If you can buy in below $5,000 then it suggest you should buy.

Longer term
$1500 and $10,000
FV = $5750

Widest reasonable
$200 and $30,000
FV = $16000

Another way to value it is based on all data that the sooner you get in the better provided you get out before it crashes completely. So, you need some "timeline" that your crypto will survive. I I think I suggest around 2030 in my other thread. We are in year 8 out of 21. This means we are only 38% of the time line to the finish. If we figure it will trend upward until the final date then there is still potential for 60% time gains. The ICO frenzy has the most potential for economic value but it also represents the greatest threat if they are all scams then it could tarnish the reputation.

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I think the major deal is with internet of things payments and as a alternative currency. And smart contracts with ethereum ofc.

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Elliot wave / MT Predictor look at BTC

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A quick chart as to the possible direction for BTC

Long Side $11,800 (Next resistance/Market Decision Point)
Short Side $8,600 (Support)

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