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04-26-17 11:54 AM  SilverFut : @Itchymoku - Problem is that most will just wait and hope someone else does it for them. This is potentually the end of some peoples trading business if it blows out their costs and makes the barrier to entry so high that it will lock out any new algo traders who are not already profitable.
04-26-17 11:51 AM  SilverFut : @Itchymoku - Something obviously needs to change as the rise of black box trading has put huge stresses on data. They are making an attempt to pass that cost to those putting pressure on the system but they are looking at the issue much to broadly. Thats why is so important that ALL traders, large and small should be making submissions if it in ANY way affects you. Let these people know the impact of the decision they are looking at making.
04-26-17 11:46 AM  SilverFut : @ Itchymoku - Sure, that would be fair... But do you really expect Goldman and co to ever worry about fair? They are out for themselves. The problem is that this change just looks at a single measurerment - Non displayed data. It doesn't take into account who uses it that way or actually profits. Its a broard brush stroke that MAJORLY disadvantages small algo traders.
04-26-17 9:54 AM  rossco : ATH today?
04-26-17 8:12 AM  zxxaxz : Monthly Enhanced Display Solution Fee per Distributor, I hope distributor
04-26-17 8:10 AM  zxxaxz : This was from 2014 https://www.sec.gov/rules/sro/nasdaq/2014/34-73807.pdf
04-26-17 1:25 AM  tturner86 : haha
04-26-17 12:19 AM  Itchymoku : it wouldn't happen to do with a gif of shit hitting the fan would it?
04-25-17 3:58 PM  tturner86 : or if it is about a specific post you can report it and a mod will review
04-25-17 3:25 PM  TheShrike : private message probably to Sam
04-25-17 1:49 PM  Maza : Hello guys, what would be the best way to get a hold of a moderator to talk to?
04-24-17 3:30 PM  Itchymoku : wouldn't that make the most sense
04-24-17 3:30 PM  Itchymoku : it just seems like a rediculous price, why can't they just scale the fee with the profits earned
04-24-17 7:47 AM  SilverFut : @Itchymoku - If the sec gets flooded by submissions from personal traders, they might stop and restructure it so it doesn't adversely disadvantage small traders disproportionately.
04-24-17 7:40 AM  SilverFut : @Itchymoku - There is push back from major players. Currently open for submissions. Who knows which way it will go in the end. But from what I can gather, it never was and will not affect screen traders as they use displayed data to trade from anyway. If your a algo trader, there maybe some issues you should look into or it could come as a pretty major shock if its implemented. All algo traders should be making personal submissions now while its open.
04-22-17 3:25 PM  Data4400 : bond
04-20-17 9:56 PM  Itchymoku : silverfut whats the tl;dr? sec denied it?
04-20-17 4:29 PM  tturner86 : Due to an issue today's Machine learning webinar has been postponed. Please stand by for new date and time. I am sorry for the inconvenience guys.
04-20-17 6:17 AM  SilverFut : @simon b - https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-ctacq-2017-02/ctacq201702.htm
04-20-17 6:16 AM  SilverFut : @simon b - https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-ctacq-2017-02/ctacq201702-150163.htm
04-20-17 6:16 AM  SilverFut : @simon b - https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-ctacq-2017-02/ctacq201702-1710463-150167.pdf
04-20-17 6:15 AM  SilverFut : @simon b - https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-ctacq-2017-02/ctacq201702-1710668-150186.pdf
04-19-17 7:04 AM  SilverFut : @simon b - Pretty sure this wont affect screen traders as they are displayed data. Algo traders and the like use the data in a different way (non-display). Its aimed at Pro users of the data but currently looks like it will affect small algo traders and the like as well because of the way they use the data.
04-18-17 12:05 PM  Blash : @Theop ..... https://futures.io/trading-journals/27543-dts-pre-market-prep.html
04-18-17 9:48 AM  paps : anyone on ninja7 & 8 simultaneously...do u see a difference in price currently?
04-18-17 6:41 AM  Theop : where can i find it on this site thanks
04-18-17 6:41 AM  Theop : jigsaw trading market prep
04-18-17 12:03 AM  Itchymoku : what's the display data going to cost for TF? 100k a month?
04-17-17 10:44 PM  Itchymoku : i can't even read that
04-17-17 2:43 PM  TheShrike : 9k a month? Seems steep
04-16-17 9:17 PM  srgtroy : Emma Watson Stolen Bikini Photos
04-16-17 8:50 PM  HYES : data
04-16-17 8:50 PM  HYES : tick data
04-16-17 8:39 PM  simon b : https://www.sec.gov/rules/sro/nms/2017/34-80300.pdf
04-16-17 8:38 PM  simon b : Has anyone seen that the SEC has decided to raise data fees to 9k per month for ANYONE who uses real time data? sounds crazy but I have it from a reasonable source
04-14-17 5:12 PM  Blash : @meyer99 perhaps because of the holiday?
04-13-17 4:45 PM  paps : wow @Silvester17 thnx.... i like what i see on the chart
04-13-17 3:54 PM  meyer99 : Anyone having issues with IB data? I elected to stay with delayed data and now My NT charts are not receiving any data.
04-12-17 7:52 AM  Silvester17 : here paps: https://futures.io/local_links.php?action=ratelink&catid=27&linkid=1773
04-11-17 11:49 PM  paps : guys i use GOM Cumulative Delta on Ninja7... any reco's for a good Cumulative Delta for Ninja8
04-10-17 7:45 AM  dbarno : trading comic http://comics.azcentral.com/slideshow?comic=Bottom_Liners&feature_id=Bottom_Liners
04-09-17 6:18 PM  zmaj : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CQIl0P4piQ
04-09-17 6:16 PM  zmaj : humanity:bukowski:watts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gao7FlscV7M
04-07-17 5:36 PM  Blash : @Delfin it doesn't get any better than right here at FIO. I mean this sincerely... but you have to jump in with both feet.....here click this and start.... https://futures.io/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=16
04-07-17 4:13 PM  TheShrike : Try reading through the various vendor reviews Delfin
04-07-17 4:08 PM  Delfin : Hi what is the best trading room service
04-07-17 1:08 PM  TheShrike : No
04-07-17 12:30 PM  aquarian1 : are people at other brokers (than IB) also getting messages when they use market orders?
04-07-17 10:13 AM  Zondor : Day Session Open, YM
04-07-17 10:13 AM  Zondor : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbyB7LMIeBA

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