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05-30-20 12:06 PM  Big Mike : So incredibly sad (link)
05-29-20 5:36 PM  Fluid Fox : The predictor in me says we'll probably re-visit ATHs, but I know better
05-29-20 5:24 PM  snax : bulls had the conviction to not allow a selloff at the end! I think its anyone's guess still
05-29-20 4:34 PM  Fluid Fox : Now we're that much closer to ATHs
05-29-20 4:14 PM  snax : pretty good fight there at the end of the month/week/day.
05-29-20 4:11 PM  Daytrader999 : Absolutely Have a great weekend everyone
05-29-20 4:09 PM  snax : work was freaking brutal this afternoon, TGIF
05-29-20 4:07 PM  Scalpingtrader :
05-29-20 4:03 PM  Daytrader999 : Why not making a new all time high in NQ today, there are still a few minutes left...
05-29-20 4:02 PM  Daytrader999 : IMO, this 'price action' is just disgusting...but it is what it is
05-29-20 3:59 PM  Fluid Fox : I love that podcast btw
05-29-20 3:59 PM  Fluid Fox : I did follow price, it just turned around on me
05-29-20 3:51 PM  Scalpingtrader : i learned my new favorite quote in the new "Market Rants" podcast (youtube): "be dumb, follow price." Sometimes, that helps. Sometimes, it doesnt
05-29-20 3:14 PM  Daytrader999 : I managed to get out two times at break even...nice payout for today's volatility :-(
05-29-20 3:12 PM  Fluid Fox : I took a loss on it. Should've waited a little longer to put on a trade, it just seemed so bearish
05-29-20 3:10 PM  Daytrader999 : Yep, I expected a more bearish market as well...but today that changes every 5 minutes
05-29-20 3:08 PM  Fluid Fox : Tone was bearish at first. I was like is he about to announce a war?
05-29-20 3:07 PM  Daytrader999 : Looks like...I have to admit that I can't understand that market behaviour anymore...
05-29-20 3:00 PM  MiniP : rally on sanctions about HK/ leaving the WHO???
05-29-20 2:40 PM  Fluid Fox : Agreed
05-29-20 2:25 PM  Big Mike :
05-29-20 2:21 PM  Fluid Fox : Trump is fashionably late ig
05-29-20 1:50 PM  TheShrike : John!
05-29-20 1:09 PM  JohnS : .
05-29-20 11:52 AM  Fluid Fox : Got nothing going today
05-29-20 11:19 AM  TheShrike : Morning
05-29-20 10:44 AM  Fluid Fox : seeing a short set up, but the speech is in 16 minutes. Have to be patient
05-29-20 9:43 AM  Fluid Fox : mornin'!
05-29-20 9:34 AM  MiniP : goooood moring
05-29-20 9:22 AM  Fluid Fox : Probably waiting until after 11 AM to put on a trade. Depends on how opportunities line up
05-29-20 7:47 AM  dbarno : fri comic https://www.gocomics.com/bliss/2020/05/29
05-28-20 3:31 PM  Fluid Fox : sorry to spam but if we break 9462.. could be quite the move
05-28-20 3:28 PM  Fluid Fox : doesn't look like it's going to give it to me. Not going to chase
05-28-20 3:25 PM  Fluid Fox : idk but I'm looking for a PB
05-28-20 3:24 PM  karentrader : what the hell was that sell off. damn.
05-28-20 3:20 PM  Fluid Fox : ridiculous sell off rn
05-28-20 12:43 PM  Fluid Fox : Entry was missed by 7 points! Would've been a great trade too.
05-28-20 12:12 PM  Fluid Fox : Unless I see major buy volume increase of course
05-28-20 12:12 PM  Fluid Fox : Considering lowering my risk and going for less profit. Expectation for continuation is low
05-28-20 12:08 PM  snax : YM still looking shloppy. I guess an expert could treat this as a limit-order day and clean up
05-28-20 12:08 PM  Fluid Fox : Right now i'm leaning towards a long entry if we get a deep enough PB. Would like to see more though
05-28-20 12:03 PM  Fluid Fox : We've got a nice little breakout in the NQ. Could be one of those creepin' rallies
05-28-20 11:52 AM  jakobe : the day kinda sucks. haven't taken any trades and that will probably be the case for the rest of the session.
05-28-20 10:57 AM  Fluid Fox : Absolutely. We're close to prior HOD in the NQ too. Alright man, you know what to do
05-28-20 10:56 AM  snax : trade well, Fluid Fox! I'm going to see if I can find another opportunity while I have time today
05-28-20 10:55 AM  snax : could have just been a responsive move too, like lets reset at the prior HOD and see if there's value above or below
05-28-20 10:52 AM  Fluid Fox : I don't like todays action tbh. More schizo than usual imo
05-28-20 10:52 AM  snax : ha, yes indeed!
05-28-20 10:51 AM  Fluid Fox : I don't blame you, I thought the same. Shows how strong the bulls were.
05-28-20 10:50 AM  snax : I mean I saw that and sold a pullback thinking we might even take out yesterday's closing rally

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