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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Thanks Roger!

I took Roger up on his very gracious offer to us futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members and spent some time in his trade room. Roger is a great trader and has built a remarkable system with indicators. I would reccommend to any futures.io (formerly BMT) that they try it out. You have nothing to lose. Nobody has tried to sell me anything or anything like that. Roger is a wonderful gentleman and really seems to care about his students. He routinely makes over 1k in the room, today it was over 2k trading 2 lots. He traded mostly CL and 6E but also takes trades on 6A,6B,6J,GC, NQ and others. He had one losing day in the last week but I think he would have passed on trades but just took some because the room wants to watch him. It is in SIM, which always puts up a red flag for me, but most of his trades are discussed before hand and you usually have time to enter as they are called in advance. He does show his dome on trades and even as he manages the trade. My only question is that he uses stop limit orders to get in trades instead of stops so he would probably would get no fills more in a live account. No big deal as he likes to get in on small pullbacks. I have been trading a long time and I learned a few trades that I will definitely use in the future. I am going to spend more time with Roger and see how it progresses. I am not a student (yet) and have no affiliation with Felton Trading FYI. It is nice to see vendors who care about their students and let us kick the tires for free. I'll post more again soon. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity you are giving us Elite members Roger.!

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