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Iím in my 6th year of teaching the SCIENCE & ART of consistently profitable trading in ALL market conditions. I freely disclose my methodology especially in my free Saturday sessions. But the core of my course is providing the personal guidance traders need to master the INTUITIVE skills required for RTB trading, which in turn leads to near 100% daily profitability. The SECRET is numerous hours of highly focused RTB screen timeómuch using Market Replay anytime 24/7. You donít learn to play the piano by just learning the Ďmusic rulesí; you learn to play ONLY through disciplined practice. So it is with tradingóand you need a competent teacher to guide your practice. Please join me as I share my studentís consistent >95% real money trading results and how they do it.

from an advertisement from an upcoming webinar by Bill McDowell

95% of his student are profitable? Vendors talking about percentages in the 90% worries me. Pretty sure the content of this thread would not support this claim.

I think that's totally fishy. I don't think that better than 20-40% is possible even for the best vendors/mentors. The trader is always the weakest link.

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