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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I took one of his free sessions with his room. The trading room is more like a commercial for his automated systems.
Then I had the privilege of a salesman calling me relentlessly until I convinced him that I was completely not interested.
This is for you if you want a black box.
Don't waist your time if your leaning toward discretionary trading.

You forgot to mention the part about the goons we sent to your house to harass you every night for six months...

Look, we know full well that we can't help everyone and we also know that what we offer isn't for everyone. But why can't we just stick with the truth when we talk about a product or service that doesn't appeal to us?

Here are the facts about Felton Trading: We do not offer an automated system and we do not offer a black box. We teach discretionary trading only and probably always will. We offer a "trader assist" software to help identify potential trades, but in no way is it a black box since we explain exactly what it is looking for all day long and anyone can identify the same entries manually.

Everyone associated with Felton Trading is commanded to NEVER harass or pressure anyone in any way. I absolutely despise companies that do what you describe. The job of the sales staff is to just answer questions, that's it. We have an excellent staff, in my opinion. I have never had anyone accuse any of them of relentless uninvited phone calls. If true, an email from you to me would have stopped that immediately and that guy would have been out of a job.

Mindless, if you would be so kind as to provide the name of your FT sales representative and the time period that this relentless contact was made, I will obtain a copy of that reps corporate phone log and we'll get to the truth here quickly. Although you were completely mistaken on your other points, if it appears that you were relentlessly harassed by one of my staff, I will take immediate steps to remedy the problem and issue you my sincerest humble apology.



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