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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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've had this indicator for a year but have never been able to realize its genus (too many dots for me) .. In a nutshell indicator divides the days up (all mondays, all tuesdays, etc) then uses this info per day to identify which times of that day showed potential.. The times the dots print are available before todays trading day..
Enclosed is a chart and an explanation from the vendor,, for me there seems to be too many false signals to be of any use..
Comments would be appreciated? txs all

Please no "vendor" bashing,, want this to be educational... txs

think #7 comment below is a bit of a stretch.....
Vendor comments:

1.go back and circle the red amacd at 5:40...that occurs at the double bottom after an impulse new low move.

2.Circle the green dot at 6:30ish, where the market stopped, and attempted to punch higher (pivot).

3.Circle the red market at 11:00 on the down leg of the reversal low.

4.Circle the red Powerzone red marker and AMACD marker at the bottom of the impulse move through to a double bottom on the new low at support.

5.Circle the green pz dot at 2:15 est.

6.Circle the green amacd dot at 15:00...the beginning of the bull flag.

7.Circle the red amacd marker at the small pivot high in the asian session.....

If you only look a the dots at, double bottom, pivot, reversal, support, bull flag, pivot high, etc, as is indicated in the post by the vendor. Why don't I just look for these market structures myself, instead of buying this indicator? or just buy an indicator that actually identifies these market structures for me, instead of a deluge of dots that hopefully land near one of these structures?

Throw enough dots on a chart, some of them are bound to hit something!

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