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Response to the last poster - Haven't personally used the ASG but most in the room seem to concur that it nails the entries just as EJ calls them, depending on how many filters you have turned on, I think there are nine, most people use 5 to 6 because otherwise it wouldn't call many trades, but if you're cautious you can add the others.

As for the room, firstly, I am not a spammer - I live in Australia,My name is Steve.

I joined the room 6 months ago as a complete newbie (other than the 2 months I wasted with a so called reputable Australian Eminis provider to the tune of $8,000 for the course, which included the shitty photocopied trader manual that wasn't even in colour and the training discs pathetically burnt and stamped on a PC - Plus $295 a month room access fee's, do the math, you'll work out who they are)

When I joined the room (before I get shot down here) as a beginner, I was blown away by the level of skills required to trade the ES. EJ has a really good knack of explaining the intricacies of trading the ES. His plan (unless you are already knowledgable) is confusing (or was to me). Then I ordered the DVD and watched the free training videos in his forum that explained a lot.

EJ spends a lot of time answering questions in the room, when he's not focussed on the market. This plan will teach you discipline for sure. Bear in mind that his free daily videos are taking every single entry the plan calls. Quite often in the room he will call a trade but advise whether it looks good or bad, I have often through caution not taken trades because of the caution he has placed on them, I have then seen them either take a reduced risk stop out or a full stop out.

Very few of the really good setups ever get to and FSO, 70% hit their target, maybe 25% get a RRSO and 5% will get an FSO.

Now the results, if I add up all the trades called I would be well in front. Unfortunately I got bored over the Christmas break and traded. I lost on quite a few (bearing in mind that I didn't EJ's words in my ear and I pretty much just gambled).

In the past month I have almost recouped my losses and am totally commited to this room. $69 p/m is so cheap compared to the other (so called reputable Aussie Eminis room provider).

The other thing not included in the plan but regularly talked about in the room is edge trading (these trades don't get included in the daily video because they aren't in the plan). EJ has a great style also taking these trades and if they were (and will be soon included in the updated plan which is free to all plan members) included in the video, would paint a much better picture on the range days.

You know what I think, there are people in this forum who want to poo poo a system because they are to useless to commit to it and make it work. They are weak, they take their own bad trades from their own bad habbits and want to blame someone.

Follow the trading plan and the trading progression, go on sim for a few months, whatever it takes. If you don't get filled on an entry, you snoozed it's that simple. EJ doesn't include touch entries in his video, only proper fills.

If you have a few years of bad habbits, go see EJ, if you are a complete newbie, go see EJ, if you are intermediate, go see EJ.

If you are a total wanker, stay the F&^$ away from EJ.


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