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San Marcos, CA
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i have been with bill since december 2009 and yes,i did the 4 month course. in my case, i have moved on to cl course without proving success with tf anf 6e. bill did allow me to subscribe to this even tough he had misgivings. i am happy for this as i am really successful with cl trading on my own. I am scheduled to start the cl mentoring in february, having had almost a solid january with simtrading cl.

there seem to be a perception that bill's method in real trading is difficult and that few students have made it to be successful. the last i heard he had around 37 successful students. i have yet to meet a negatory naysayers in the room. those unsucessful once may be here on this thread but i dont know of any1 who has failed at his method.

once u do cl course, u can clearly see that bill's method is all about reading momemtum and watching price action to be able to jump onboard a move that is unfolding

Thanks for the clarification. Your original post implied that you had recently taken the course in 2010 and had found it to be an 'uphill struggle.' Others here weighed in with similar comments and I provided my own experience along with other students I knew around that time. This is the first time hearing that people other than Bill have been successfully implemented this particular methodolgy. When I spoke to Bill in 2009 and 2010 he was unsure how well his students were doing, which seemed odd for someone running a mentoring program.

I do agree that the basic methodlogy and his overall approach has a number of merits, but I maintain that Bill's method of teaching and the complexity of his system gets in the way. While trading may be complicated, it does not have to come anywhere near the level that Bill has laid out. For example, he categorizes all the potential trades into c3/C3, C3/c1, etc. but I don't know if that is really important for his trading decisions, his statistical records, or he notes this information just for the heck of it. Is this level of detail necessary or is it just clutter?

Good luck with the CL. Reading between the lines, the majority of the success is coming from the revised methodology developed for the CL. Let us know how this works out.

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