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Help with YTR TVI indicator

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Entries are easy, making money has to do with exits.

I always find it useful (or confirm uselessness) to do these kind of studies when comparing indicators. If you can find any edge of one over the other, then great. Otherwise there is a lot of information here, and the feel good is that when they all signal together then the trade should work? ... really? The key is for how long and how much, and more importantly - when do you exit. The entry is not as important as the exit if you want to make money.

Less is definitely more, and if you had the price bars showing then all you really might need is just one other piece of information. Often you need to just make a choice as to what that information is: volume, speed, momentum, tick flow, etc etc.

So, once you get in using how many indicators float your boat, what would really make the difference is when you need to get out. If you follow the same indicators to get out, then you may find that your trading is just a continuous exercise in frustration. So, when using indicators keep in mind that something needs to help you know when the money is leaving the trade, and if you don't see it leaving, then your entries may be spot on but you will make no money.

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