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Has anyone ever heard of eminisniper.com?

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I always find the whole 'vendor' thing so interesting.

Me too. I've thought a lot about it. I like to trade, but I also like to shrare/teach help people via

- My Journal
- My Meetup
- Public speaking
- My Upcoming Webinar

Etc. However, none of these "helpful outlets" make me any money, even though I spend a lot of time on them. If I could somehow monetize my desire to help that would be even better, but for now I do it because I like to. And I'd hate to think I'd been looked down upon if I devised a way to profit from it as well, but once you put a price tag on something every other "vendors-are-scum" types are gonna hate you, no matter how many P&L statements you throw at them. So, you just realize you can't please all of the people all of the time, and try to move forward.

With that said, I know many, if not most, vendors are worthless pond scum, but I've found some that genuinely want to help and add value, yet, they sell proprietary methods/software without disclosing their innards, and if you don't want to pay for them then don't do it, otherwise, come up with your own "edge", or buy/rent one from a vendor as long as it is working for you. In the meantime, the vendor has no obligation to show you their secret sauce, even if it's based on something as simple as a MA cross over.

Frankly, I'm ecstatic Beth has found something she's happy with. You know you always hear: "learn one setup, master it, own it" and you're off to a good start. Maybe someday it will stop working for her and others, but in the meantime, milk it while it does. I used to follow Beth's journal, but I had to stop because she kept changing from one instrument to another, one strategy to another, it was hard to keep up.

I think people that pay for a course, and are happy with it, aren't all that eager to share with a "show me Show Me SHOW ME!" lynch mob because they made their investment and got their reward, so go do the same if you want it too, and no amount of demands for proof will motivate them to share. Most traders just want to make money and then get on with their life. They don't owe anybody anything.

I remember a similar thread about ETS over on another forum that I was involved in. Many people were disgruntled with the system, yet still didn't share it because they spent so much money on it. Some were successful, and got tired of people asking for charts and a layout of the rules/setups. Also, though, ETS pretty vigorously went after people that posted system details online. Whatever the case, someone I met who bought the system gave me the book he purchased to look at. He didn't want it anymore and wanted my opinion of it. I pored over the rules and it was so complicated and specific I can't see how anybody could successfully follow it, even if it did work, because there were so many things that had to line up at the same time it was hard to keep track. You pretty much had to buy their proprietary indicators, which simplifies a lot of the rules into a few indicators, to follow the complexities of the system. which cost thousands more. This made it hard to claim your 30-day refund, which nobody ever got, so that was a scam too.

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