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Jim Dalton's Field of Vision & His Books

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What I have to comment so far on the course; it is better than the book if one wants to grasp the concepts right away without having to read both of his books and lacks a proper foundation.

Given I have read his books and also taken some of FT71 webinars, the material was not all that new to me, but it is taught from the point of view that those taking it dont have the knowledge, which to me is a good thing as it allows me to re-affirm what I already know and clarify some possible miss-conceptions I might have about MP and its use.

During the first 30 minutes Dalton covers the basics of the auction process with real life examples, and then starts working on the reason for Market Profile.

I got distracted with playing with the kids this weekend, therefore I only watched about 45 mins... the kids took priority since I am traveling this coming week. Anyhow, More to come as I complete the videos. I hope the review will help those searching for a guide to MP determine if the video is worth it for them.

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