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DTN Bridge (Dukascopy to NT)

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I've been testing the NT7/Bridge/Duka autotrading FX in demo for the past two weeks and have found the following;

The bridge; appart from the non perseverence to relogin, the bridge works great. I have lost sections of histrical data when the bridge got disconnected then gave up trying to relogin (unlike ninja). ToolsforTrader has indicated this will be fixed.

Dukascopy; the first week was great, I had disconnections while in a trade and the server held TP and SL worked perfectly. I went back in later and manually cancelld the remaining limit order no problem. The JForex platform I found very easy to get around (unlike IB TWS). Then the platform shut itself off and repeated attempts to relogin failed. I tried again the next day still to no avail. I joined the duka forum and tried to find the reason, couldn't, then asked for help. My forum account was deleted, so I repeated the process and it happenned again. So I repeated the process and this time got a link to exactly the problem I was having (with 2400 views). There's a list of things I had to do, open TCP/IP port, clear java cache, set java properties, uninstall all things java etc. and in the end it didn't work. I sent support an email, no reply. I've run thru the list a few more times, still doesn't work, no JForex platform. I sent another email saying their fix doesnt work and am waiting for a reply. Its been 5 days without the platform. All this time NT7 and the Bridge keep chugging away making trades, but I cant see them. NT7 loses synch with all the disconnections so the positions and accounting gets messed up, but watching the progress of the trades on JForex was very easy. I would just like to log into JForex, it seems like such a simple request....

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