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You know,

I would gladly Skype with a few people and give my opinion on eminiscalp.

However, all these douchey litigious so-called men who sell information with no satisfaction-guaranteed or money back policy would probably tell one of their 'students' to pose as a regular inquirer; then secretly tape the call and then sue me.

What a joke this is sometimes.

I'm tired of the legal 'shtick' that these game players resort to.

Frankly, most trading information should be exchanged (like on this great forum) freely so we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the methods we test and trade.

That written; I took aspects of eminiscalp and created a methodology that fits my psychology and reward/risk needs and tested it over and over again on real data in real time and now I have a few setups that are the tits!

Sound familiar? Yep. Big Mike's signature is very wise.


It's not likely you'll get sued for voicing your opinion. Your fear is overblown.

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