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MTPredictor Software reviews

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"This guy" does not believe in commenting. I have nothing to teach (who am to I teach anyone?), to sell or convince others of....I had this up because after 4years.....I wanted to show it can be done for average folks with right combination of effort, luck and perseverance. MTP is just a tool - as good as any, or as bad as any.

My opinion is just as bad as the next one.

It's true edge its it's treatment of risk and position sizing and how it forces you think about risk first, second and last and not care about returns. Once I thought of that as a habit, it didn't t matter what MTP showed or indicated.

It was all about taking risk controlled behaviour. I suspect with enough time spent you can find your edge. BTW, there is more than enough on that blog for people to make their own decisions. MTP can fail for several people, it did for me for over 3years. I read everything with trading, had rules, golden nuggets and still kept failing. Nothing worked.

Slowly over time (hard to pinpoint a turnaround day) when I was close to giving up; I tried to see what what Van Tharp said (it couldn't hurt after all, to try one last thing) - practice low risk. I still wasn't making any money, but no matter how many mistakes i made (and still keep making), I was not blowing up my 4th account (previous 3 went the way of the dodo). That feeling of keeping risk low generated a momentum that is hard to teach and hard to make others believe in.

Unless you experience it yourself. Traders who have the opportunity to survive that long may have that chance, but unless it's self generated there is not much of chance of people surviving in the long term.

I used to have lists on rules and all that, now I have torn up all lists and rules. I practive low risk behavour that is a results of all those rules. It works for me

Other than that, not much else to say

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