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DTI with Tom Busby (www.dtitrader.com)

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DTI and Tom Busby

I spent a year or so with DTI and about 10.000 dollars. I came away with the following opinion of DTI.

Their beginning course is around 2500 and their advanced course is around 7500 and they are almost
the same.
DTI'S method works best in a strong bull Market.
Tom Busby does not teach well. In fact in his subscription green room no discussion is allowed.
Tom Busby is a show boater and akin to the likes of a Barnum and Bailey circus ringmaster . His signature trade
takes place right at the Fed announcement to the audience of hundreds of new traders who do not
know any better.
Tom gets aggravated and pissed off constantly when working with his students. He goes on and on
about his winning trades but rarely does he address his losing trades . He does do some technical analysis
but Toms stops are wide. I once saw him recommend a Dax Trade with a 20 point stop in a choppy
market and offered no analysis after his stop was hit. His trades are not precision and risk reward is back wards. They used to post a trade calender but the last time I looked it was taken down the only reason I
could see was they were losing.
I would suggest you start somewhere else other than DTI so you can get well grounded in good technical and
fundamental analysis with appropriate stops for market conditions. To get familiar with the Market with DTI
and then have to unlearn their procedures for current market conditions could be very expensive.

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