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Has anyone ever heard of eminisniper.com?

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 Vendor: www.ezcolortrading.com 
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For me, I was able to spot only a few 6E signals for the last two weeks. When I was uncertain, I chose to SOH. I can tell there are traders who continue making green pips consistently via Sniper set ups. I've been receiving private messages from at least 4 sharing their trade results incl different trade management tips. I believe they're genuine and not making any inaccurate claims.

I went through the suggested entry requirements 3-4 times before sim-trading both regular and divergence signals. Sim result was at least 70% profitable inclusive of my human operation errors. As of this moment, I probably have 40 live trades .. not green or red since I did make some non-sensible trading decision (luckily not to be repeated).

If one spends time learning the entry requirements plus taking advantage of the free room access, then writes down his/her own trading plan, I am confident that he/she will have a system that's profitable most of the time. The Sniper system does specify where to enter/exit. One must incorporate when not to trade (say around high priority news and close to the US bell open), does the trade offer enough room to reach the profit target, will the SL cushion be big enough etc etc. To be a successful trader, one must own the trades (regardless of the results) and be responsible for his/her trading decision.

If one cannot trade a system profitably for a predetermined period of time/losing ticks, it's time to take a break. It's very obvious that the same system may work for Traders A to D yet it may not work for Traders E to H. Even amongst Traders A to D, they very likely enjoy different results. Yes, they're looking at the same chart(s), could be taking the same signals, yet they managed their trades differently. Being in the room for over two months, the most important lessons I have learned:

1. Do not compare my trading results with other traders who're considering/taking the same signals

2. Respect my trading preference

3. Own the trades I choose to take and/or pass

4. Be responsible for every trading decision I make

I started having a CL chart on last week. Sim traded a few this morning incl 2 6E ones. Technically I should not be trading the 6E ones as they did not meet my entry requirements 100%. The CL ones did and I chickened too early for the last two trades (did reach PT 6-8 after exit).

Am I still confident in the Sniper system? Yes! It's my plan to stay with the conservative signals (divergence and first 1-2 retracement ones) while adding CL to my radar list.


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