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Has anyone tried eminiacademy.com?

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jitasb, thanks for that awesome review - it was extremely informative!

At the end you stated that you don't trade it every day and are leaning toward price action trading. So after spending $5K, you don't seem to be thrilled - which is usually result of poor profitabiliy of the trades... Your review mentioned the stop and target amounts - so we know the risk-reward, but would you mind posting your results as far as average win and percent of trades profitable? Just trying to get a better idea of the real vs. expected results here and why you're still looking for better...

Thanks again for taking time to write in such detail.

Here are my results. They are in two parts: backtesting (i.e. I went back thru the charts and looked at each day in turn and ran thru the trade entry, stop, exit etc): very time consuming I can tell you. And also my actual real results.

June 2010 (backtesting): 51 trades > +54 points > win rate 60% > Avg pts per trade = +1
July 2010 (backtesting): 60 trades > +35 points > win rate 55% > Avg pts per trade = +0.6
Aug 2010 (backtesting): 55 trades > +43 points > win rate 56% > Avg pts per trade = +0.78
Sept 2010 (backtesting) 58 trades > +26 points > win rate 47% > Avg pts per trade = +0.45
Oct 2010 (backtesting) 46 trades > -13 points > win rate 36% > Avg pts per trade = -0.30

Sept 2010 (my trades): 26 trades > +20 points > win rate 62% > Avg pts per trade = +0.75
Oct 2010 (my trades): 25 trades > -18 points > win rate 33% > Avg pts per trade = -0.72
Nov 2010 (my trades): 20 trades > +8 points > win rate 52% > Avg pts per trade = +0.4
Dec 2010 (my trades): 11 trades > -3 points > win rate 46% > Avg points per trade = -0.3

Also some further comments:

My figures are not as good as the website ones: as they have win rates in region of 65 to 70%. A lot of this is due to reading price action and market behaviour > there are some trades which I took and they did not. So it's not all about just following the signal and taking the trade based on the setup parameters lining up.

The other thing to bear in mind is that on taking the course I was a complete novice to futures. Having been trading stocks for a few years I am more comfortable with that, so am not really ready to throw all that away and concentrate solely on Futures. Addtionally price action trading is still a part of trading the EminiAcademy system so I am still looking for ways to improve.
If you said that my results were ok and I haven't really given it a chance...then I wouldn't argue with that.

On the live room, there are people making money (in as far as you can judge by their charts) and there was a recent bootcamp in Texas which was fully subscribed...So people seem to be ok with the system and willing to spend more for more advanced training.

Hope that helps.

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