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I had a trial in her room. Though stayed there for two days only.
During this time she called very aggressive scalp calls. But few times by the time she gave the entry details price was already at the take profit point. I noticed a couple of times if I entered I would lose. But she never returned to her called trades, if she stopped out or took profit and at which point you never know.
I liked that she gives signals typing in text chat and does not talk too much, only necessary things. I do not know what is the reason, their software or microphone, but the sound quality is rather poor in the room. If she calls scalp trades, I think they should warn by some sound to indicate appearing possible long positions and short immediately when they appear (like puretick did with their spooky sounds) and then type in text chat more details like t/p price and so on. In this case you will not be left with entry details when it is time to take profit.
She gives some key prices and analysis before a trading day.
Well in overall I would give it another try probably later, it is not so bad.

Hi Nqcruiser - thanks for the post. I see that you mentioned a course with bill mcdowell. Are you still in his room? How was the mentoring? Is it successful? I'm recently debating whether to join or not but I do have a few questions left.

Any help would be most appreciated!


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