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Has anyone ever heard of eminisniper.com?

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i can trade well enough because iv'e paid for it i studied and continue to study 8 years now i have given up a lot to learn this....like girlfriends free time sleep,i locked myself in my house and studied for one year 18 hr's per day 7 days a week,after that year i was a mental nutcase,i really didnt have any outside contact,i saved enough money to hide away for a year,it was a year of inner battels and study of charts and myself,but to be fair to systems, if the system rules are bad then you cant trade it,if the system rules are flexible then you can make it work somehow if and only if you can trade alittle bit anyways,i cant really make money with bird poop but give me a bird and ill try...sharky
ps i posted a simple scalping method in my sharky real world room go and try it and see if you can make that work the rules are not set in stone except respect the ma under over trades and add or take other indicators away to suit your needs

I had the same Journey as you Sharky. I am in my 5th year now. Like you I saved enough money to survive for a couple of years, quit my job, locked myself in my house, and scoured over charts day and night. My friends thought I was turning into the unabomber. I still do that now (scour over charts, not making bombs ), it has become a normal habit. But that gave me intimate knowledge of my indicators, and the method that I trade.

I think overall, every trader needs to know their method inside and out, when it works best, when it does not. Jumping from system to system will get you frustrated very quick. Find a concept that you believe in, and learn it well. For me it was MACD divergence, so I learned everything about the MACD to the point I could tell you what it would look like if you changed one parameter. Knowing it that well, I also realized it's limitation, and as a result, I actually no longer use it, and have switched to the RSI a year ago cause it performs better for me. Ultimately, to be successful, you have to know and believe in the method you are trading.

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