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Has anyone ever heard of eminisniper.com?

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Just a quick heads up.

People who trade this system successfully aren't following the room's rules and have made some extra adjustments ?

That's a joke right ? I mean, I join a room and buy a book to learn their system, it's not profitable and then other users brag about being positive but they change the rules ?

I don't believe it, sorry.

I would also ask the moderators to focus on 1 market the 6E, even if you have no trading signals. Now they are constantly talking and looking at other markets but are missing their main focus the 6E. It's very confusing. I see them talk about trades on the CL and see people giving advise in the chatbox of the room: enter long on the CL because X and Y, I look at it and it screams for a short, and shortly after it goes down, I hear nobody talk anymore. With the stops you have to use on the CL you WILL get slaughtered. The 6E hasn't been slow or choppy lately, it has been super active, but just not giving eminisniper signals. That's ok for me, but not for other users in the room. I hear them say: it's working great on CL !!! While I see it's absolutely not. There is a difference in trading life and in sim. They need to get their shit together and focus on something so they become high probability traders again like they did in November/December.

They are really helpful and very kind and don't want you to loose money but so far it has costed me a lot of money. I'm loosing every day when I take their trades. I had only 1 winner so far but they advised me not to take it, but I didn't listen. Seems to be the pattern at eminisniper, if you don't follow the rules you win

You are unhappy since it is does not work for you and you are looking for support OK I'm sorry it does not work for you!!!
I do follow rules. Once more this discussion has proved to me that system is system and P&L would only dependent on who is trading.
I'm making money with it and there are people in the room who are making money. In most cases we trade London by using Skype. I have been in the Skype with several traders who are making money every day. We are looking for one kind of set up and are taking it. System does work perhaps this system is not for you to trade.

As Sharky just recently has shown he can take anything and make money with it. Do you trust Sharky? In fact he has even stated that he can make money with birds droppings just because he knows how to trade.

Have you looked at Perry's system. Perry is great trader and have shared his know how with all of us. Easy system, but I could not make money with it. I even made an indicator to make it work and still could not make it to work. So is it Perry, or Gregory.

Look at some post from Wizard Holy Grail I could not make it to work ether, but he is trading and making money.

Jeff_CCI I could not make it work. Should I continue? I do not think so. I think all got my point.

Sorry you could not make system to work for you, but have you thought perhaps it is not eminisniper's system stopping you from making money but the way you are looking at their system and You.
It is very interesting to read different posts how people complaining when they cannot make something to work. It is never them it is always someone else regardless how much we pay for the system. From free to hundreds and hundreds of thousand of dollars there are always going to be unhappy camper. I have been trading for about 4 years and have bought and traded a lot of systems that would not make money for me, but I always came back and found it was Gregory who could not trade.
And one other point think positive you only invested $99.00 that does not work. Next dude bought the same for more.

Best trading to you all


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