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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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never trade their live account while being distracted...

Roger I hope you have never traded on the floor as I am sure you would have been distracted.

I am not posting here to give Roger a hard time however I want new traders to know that success from trading is in the mirror and not in purchasing some indicators or system. I can make money trading a 2 MA cross and I thought the whole purpose of a place like this was that traders could help traders for FREE teaching and learning without vendors trying to lure people to there website or trading room.


I appreciate you being upfront, but like Roger said this has all been discussed before. Roger here always has to deal w/ the harm of other not-so-good training guys and I think if you listened in on the group (for free no less) then you would be able to understand better what he is trying to do.

I honestly believe that Roger Felton is not of the "I have to make a lot of money to feed my EGO" club. He sounds like a good ol' boy from Texas who has discovered that he can help other people and that gives him a good feeling and inspires him to get up in the morning. Just a guess, but I doubt he has always been like that, but he definitely seems to be that way now.

I wish Roger all the good fortune anyone deserves with decent motives. But, Danny you are right in that there are too many snakes!

Also, you do not need a CTA license (I can get one but don't have one) to call trades unless you are recommending the trades to your students to take. Roger seems to take the approach, this is what I am taking, this is what my indicators say to me, but he does not say, "Get in here, get out here..." Then, I believe he would be required to be registered w/ NFA and have CTA license.

Thanks for sharing Roger, you give me hope in thinking that not all vendors are snakes. Keep it up!

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