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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Final post here...

I now have most of my core indicators pulled from DivPro and will be uploading them to the Elite area as I begin a new thread there. I hope we can then finally end all this banter back and forth about how I'm just trying to lure people to my trading room to try to sell them something. People who believe that are the ones who haven't read my posts in this thread. They're also the ones who think Floor Trading and Electronic Trading are no different. Ask any floor trader if they mentored a group of newbies every day while they had big bucks riding on their live trades...I work with several of them in the room.

futures.io (formerly BMT) is all about traders freely helping other traders. They are eager to learn but only if it has real value and truely helps them become better traders. I'm hoping that moving this to the Elite section will attract traders who want and appreciate what I can do for them.

This is a terrific group of dedicated traders. Many have worked very hard for several years with little to show for it. I believe I can help. My only request is that everyone continues to post their true feelings based on your actual experience with me...and let's all have fun in the process.


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