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DTN Bridge (Dukascopy to NT)

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DNT Bridge (Dukascopy Ninja Trader Bridge)

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Some clarifications/confirmations please;
Does the NT7/DTN Bridge /Dukascopy support minute data for FX?
When you say "To use Net mode in Dukascopy, Please use Dukascopy MT4 demo account.", do you mean trade NT through the MT4 account, or we must use MT4 to trade?
Any plans to support historical FX minute data?
Can you confirm if the Profit Targets and Stop Losses are held on the Dukascopy servers or held locally on the NT machine?
Does the DTN/DUKE support NT7 auto trading FX minilots?

Thanks Stem1. I am glad to answer your questions.
Yes. DNT Bridge supports Minute data for FX. Actually DNT Bridge feeds tick data to forNinja Trader and Ninja Trader renders all types of charts using tick data(minutes, hours, range bars, tick charts)

By MT4 demo account, I meant to use MT4 demo account with Ninja Trader. MT4 account is nothing but JFOREX account which can be traded using MT4. Here we are using MT4 demo account just because it uses NET mode, nothing to do with it's MT4 user interface/platform.

I am planning to add support for historical tick data in future release which solves the purpose of all types of data (minutes, hours, range, ticks, renko)

All orders (stop loss/profit targets) are actually held at Dukascopy Server. You can see these orders in Dukascopy's JFOREX/JAVA platform. (see the attached screen shot)
Any order you(or your strategy) placed in Ninja Trader, same will be sent to Dukascopy server instantly. If you modify/cancel the order, same change will be sent to Dukascopy server. You can literally drag/drop you orders on Ninja Traders Chart Trader and see same thing is happening with the Orders at Dukascopy Server.
Another nice thing about this is, you get clear audio alert(human voiced: e.g Duka Order Filled/ Duka Order Changed) when Dukascopy server accepts your order so you are always confirmed about whether your order is at Dukascopy server or not.

Thank you,

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