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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Just so everyone understands, even though I show trades I take in real time and students mimicing my trades along with me can easily get my identical fills and targets when trading their real account, it's all meaningless since I trade in sim....right?

Seriously, I teach all of my students to never trade their live account while being distracted...and nothing is more distracting than moderating a live (scalping) trading room while trying to trade. Do I violate my own cardinal rule just to satisfy a group of traders that just want to watch me showboat? Not a good way to set an example. From watching me take and manage a hundred or more trades in the free week trial, no one has ever questioned my ability to trade live.

Trading in sim alone is easy and NinjaTrader has one of the most realistic simulators on the planet...but trading in sim with a group of international students and friends watching my every move and dependent on my trade choices for their success carries as much stress level as anything you can think of. Trading psychology is something I mastered a long time ago...and that's really all you are talking about. Unfortunately, the mental side of trading is very hard to "teach" and it's not transferrable just from watching someone trade live. Since anyone can get my precise fills and my targets almost always leave a lot on the table, I see no statistically significant difference between live vs. sim for teaching purposes. Anyone thinking live trading trumps everything else might want to rethink their priorities. But, as someone said earlier, what I do isn't for everyone.

I'll be starting a new thread in the Elite area of futures.io (formerly BMT) and I'll be formally announcing that all futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members will have unlimited complimentary access to our Live market Trading Room daily. We hope you can take advantage of this opportunity as much as possible and that you benefit greatly from the time you spend with us!

May you always hear the Ninja Gal say, "target filled!",


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