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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Linds View Post
Hi Bluemele
Given that you had doubts about how he presented his pnl on the DOM and that he didnt seem to follow his own espoused signals how have you decided that he is honest and has integrity? This thread is being very generous towards this enterprise and I am trying separate out his ability to impress people with his ability to trade and coach.


monpere View Post
My experience on the free trial a few years ago, is that he would occasionally show his PnL some days, not surprisingly only on positive days, but I never knew how that PnL came about, what trades were taken, what trade management was used, or even if the same trading methodology was used to generate that PnL. I did not like that. I want to see every trade, every mouse click, every entry, every stop movement, every target, every stop out.

Is that 'nibble' method, you mention, an official tactic of his methodology? Does he teach his students to nibble? That was not evident from your post. I would be pissed as a student trading a method I bought and having a huge losing day, and at the end of the day my mentor tells me he traded his way back to profit with a tactic that he did not officially teach me? That's why I want to know every time you click the mouse. Unless a vendor is totally transparent with me, and trades the system he is selling in front of me, It will not be easy getting any money from me.

Ok, here is what I think, but just my opinion:

1. Chat room is good and builds enough confidence. I think most people would feel very good about the trading.

2. Not all trades are shown or focus on the setups. This could be due to boredom of it over and over again or some other reason, but I don't believe it to be a bait-n-switch reason.

3. I believe most of his extended teaching courses cover more of the setups. I personally do not believe in purely mechanical trading.

Do I believe he could be a profitable trader? Yes.

Do I believe he could teach others to trade? Yes.

Do I believe he is an honest person who cares about the outcome of his students success? Yes.

Do I believe that if the price is right that you could earn your dollars back? Yes

Are most of his students complete newbies? My guess is YES.

Is Monpere probably a better trader than most of his students and would not get much out of it? Yes.

Do I believe anyone who has their own system and some success to switch to this system? No.

Sign up for the free 5 day trial and go from there. He does talk a lot so I have to turn it off a bit, but so does my Mother so I guess I am used to it. haha... Kind of like a Radio personality while day trading.

I would like to see him be more clear on setups and why each one, but he does it on enough of them to feel good about it. I think the day he was down was an unusual day.

I believe this is a rare mix of a person who truly does enjoy helping people and who has a chat room for $$$. I would like to see him trade live and listen for any trembles in his voice. haha... I know mine used to when I would go live after a long time off. The joy of wanting to be 'right'.

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