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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Hello BMT'ers

Just a quick update that I have my primary coder pulling some of my indicators out of DivPro and I'll be posting them as a single NT7 zip file soon in the futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite section. I'll start the new thread in a few days also.

To clarify a couple of posts, the technique I call "nibbling" is nothing more than tightening my targets down to a scalping level and sticking with trades that offer a high success rate....usually 5 to 10 ticks in 6E, CL, 6J, GC, etc. I teach it to all of my students even though it's hard to get a trend trader to scalp sometimes.

DivPro is a coded "entry potential awareness" program and we stress daily that we do not recommend trying to take every trade it suggests. As taught in the course training, some trades are vastly superior to others. Some trade entries that might be ok in one market dynamic might be weak in another and only training and mentorship can prepare a trader to know the difference. Much of this can be explained in an online webinar "workshop". Until our code can incorporate the ability to actually "think", there will always be some trades you should not take...and we're a long ways from reaching that point!

Everything done by the moderators is taught to all students. When I am moderating, 100% of my trades are taken and managed in full view of all attendees. A mentor might be sweet as sugared honey but you have to trust that guy or else you will not trust what he teaches and you won't follow his rules. If you trade without rules you're sunk from the get-go.

Finally, my offer of help to futures.io (formerly BMT) traders isn't quite a win-win deal as someone suggested. I'm sticking my neck out here because I believe in what I do and that I have something of value to offer. But I can't accept any payment from group members as that would violate my agreement with Big Mike and the futures.io (formerly BMT) community (please read my previous posts). That would also preclude me from accepting students from this group into Felton Trading. No ulterior motive, no win-win (financially) on my part.

So the only thing I stand to gain is the satisfaction that I might have helped some of you who requested it and maybe earn some degree of respect as a fellow trader in the process. Fair enough for me.

Thanks everyone for the great posts,


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