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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I have been in the room the last couple of days.

He had a very bad day Thursday and didn't hide the fact that he lost a substantial amount. I had stopped watching, but somehow I came back and voila his DOM was slightly profitable? Now, I could take my DOM offline and add a bunch of quantity and get myself back to profit as well, so I don't know what he did to do that and honestly don't trust anything I can't see. (My issues I know...)

He was up substantially on Friday already prior to the time shown on the website to enter the room, but I watched for a few hours and he made about 350.00 more himself.

He seems not to follow too many of his own signals and is selective. He trades for a 'brick' most times where the renko brick is typically 4.

I think he could and is a profitable trader, although I don't know when/if he trades live compared to SIM.

Here is my take:

1. Roger is about the sweetest guy you will see in this business.
2. If you were part of his program then you could learn to be profitable.
3. He is honest and has integrity from talking w/ him and he makes you feel good about trading.

If I were new at trading, this is something I would jump on. I am trying to get a friend to take a closer look.

My experience on the free trial a few years ago, is that he would occasionally show his PnL some days, not surprisingly only on positive days, but I never knew how that PnL came about, what trades were taken, what trade management was used, or even if the same trading methodology was used to generate that PnL. I did not like that. I want to see every trade, every mouse click, every entry, every stop movement, every target, every stop out.

Is that 'nibble' method, you mention, an official tactic of his methodology? Does he teach his students to nibble? That was not evident from your post. I would be pissed as a student trading a method I bought and having a huge losing day, and at the end of the day my mentor tells me he traded his way back to profit with a tactic that he did not officially teach me? That's why I want to know every time you click the mouse. Unless a vendor is totally transparent with me, and trades the system he is selling in front of me, It will not be easy getting any money from me.

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