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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I really don't have anything against a 'vendor' coming on the forum and hanging out and being a 'good' guy.

I visited Roger in the early 2000's in Austin, TX and hung out with him in his trading office for 1/2 day with his projection monitor {when he was with Traders International}.

Never signed up--neutral.

Roger is quite articulate (Southern style dialect). My personal opinion here; he is NOT hurting his potential sales being part of this rather specialized forum.

Very very few traders find this forum; especially new traders.

Regardless, though a free trial is pretty much a requirement at this point; in my humble opinion trading 'rooms' with an overlayed "method" should never cost several K upfront.

A better price structure is a monthly fee with option to buy--with monthly costs credited toward lifetime purchase.

But what do I know? What the market will bear, eh?

Divergence trading is simply buying bottoms and selling tops with short-term confirmation and you need a high winning % in order to come out ahead as your reward:risk gets closer to 1:1.

If you have an intial reward:risk of under 1.0 then you must scratch alot of trades and manage alot of your losers before they go to full losers.

That written; this is a good thread.


You don't need to have a 1:1 or less reward/risk ratio to trade divergence, With a 6 or 8 tick target, and 3 or 4 tick stop, I trade divergence with 2:1 reward/risk, and most of my entries have 3:1, and a good number have 4:1 available. I trade 2:1 because I hate sitting through pullbacks, I hit my targets on the 1st push. I want the 1st pull back to stop me out, or break me even. And, contrary to popular belief, not all divergences are counter trend, about 1/3 of my divergence signals are with the trend.

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