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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Roger Felton

Since there had been so much discussion about Roger......I decided to check him out for myself.

I sat in on Roger's trading room yesterday and this morning.

Three things I can tell you about Roger........#1 HE MAKES MONEY TRADING.....he has a $1,000/day goal.....he often exceeds that and rarely has a losing day.(I saw him do this right before my eyes) #2 DISPITE BEING A "TRADING EDUCATOR" ROGER IS A GOOD GUY....and #3 HE IS A MASTER OF DIVERGENCE.....if you ever wondered who is taking the other side of your trade.....it is probably Roger and the people he has trained.

Probably the best thing about Roger is he is a futures.io (formerly BMT) member.......one of us. He has made a very generous offer to help any struggling futures.io (formerly BMT) traders for free. This is unprecedented. He is like a lawyer doing some pro bono work right here on the futures.io (formerly BMT) forum.

The question is "Why would Roger do this?" Well........that's a no brainer.......sure....he hopes that he might attract some clients. BUT.....he has stated emphatically that he will not take a dime from any futures.io (formerly BMT) member. Interestingly, Roger has benefitted from being a member of futures.io (formerly BMT). He uses Better Renko bars which can only be obtained by being a futures.io (formerly BMT) elite member. He refers to the futures.io (formerly BMT) forum during the course of the day and recommends that his students check out the forum. So......bottomline I think this is Roger's way of giving back.

So now what? How about this.........we let Roger do a futures.io (formerly BMT) webinar on DIVERGENCE. Yes I know.....he is a vendor. BUT, he is also an asset to the futures.io (formerly BMT) forum that we should take advantage of. If anyone is interested in Roger doing a webinar they will have to prevail on Big Mike as the current forum rules would not allow such a webinar. Personally, I don't think it's any different than having Al Brooks do a webinar.......Brooks sells a book......Roger sells trading education.

Just so you know.......I am NOT a Roger Felton student......

Give it some thought, Jeff

Oh......Roger has 10 basic set ups........5 bullish, 5 bearish.......6 have to do with basic divergence, extended divergence and hidden divergence.

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