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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Thanks Babypowder

You are correct...a mentor can only do so much. But could it be that success doesn't come from learning, hard work, practice and self-control? Maybe not even from dedicated mentorship or mastery of a good system? Alas, I have come to realize that the secret to lasting success comes from a trader/mentor who has spent decades honing his craft. But, his skill, his extensive knowledge, his vast experience and his ability to teach are meaningless in the divine presence of the Holy Grail of Transferable Success...the trading statement. It's so simple. You can see the energy flow right through the paper. One merely needs to tap his followers on the shoulders with it, as in a knighthood ceremony, and ***POOF*** everyone can skip the work, become filthy rich and all is forever well in the land of bulls and bears. The trading statement...it's magic I tell ya...

Hope ya saw the satire, Babypowder (you gotta tell me the story behind that name, lol)


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