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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Forked Tounge and SMA

BarryM purchased the Flux, earnestly asking for a 3 part payment plan. I spent a total of 3 hours across two evenings beyond webinar time with Barry describing in detail what the Flux was, and wasn't.

Barry was a swing trader and couldn't wrap his head around day trading concepts despite spending dozens of hours with him during live support and personal live support on the phone and through multiple goto sessions. He wanted a specific "trade now" system that gave more signals than his swing trading system put out. I have the original email stream if anyone is interested in seeing what was specifically promised to Barry so far as expectations were considered.

Barry paid 1/3rd of the payments, and then bailed on the program after 3 weeks despite being told there was a 3-4 week learning curve on the program before he bought. He was summarily warned before he purchased, to not purchase, if he was not sure and committed to the learning process, which he was not.

After leaving the program, Barry continues to come into our live room and harass veteran users during live market sessions. It is continually disappointing to me that men like Barry and "Saw" find a soapbox in this forum to post undisputed and historically inaccurate experiences. It is liable, and slanderous, and should have legal repercussions. Logging in, without any screenshots or statistics and saying, "these men are horrible liars" normally has a financial penalty...

For the record, I worked with the Trading Authority after working with a local investment fund for 1 year in the High Point region of North Carolina. I was specifically recruited to come and assist their founder with his online marketing. After 1 year, I was asked to leave the TTA after helping the developer of the Flux (Ben Letto of AffordableIndicators.com) market his program internally to his mailing list of 200+ clients. When the founder of the TTA discovered that I had helped Ben (a self confessed "non-sales" guy), and not "cut him in", I was immediately dismissed from the company. At the time, I had 3 children a wife and no other job prospects. I asked Ben if we could market the Flux to a larger audience and formed BackToTheFutureTrading.com, underpinning the company with the same concepts I had taught and believe in to this day - backtesting, statistical development of specific market conditions, money management rules, trading plans, and personality specific market setups.

There are clients that are still trading the original TATI strategy from the TTA on the 6E, using a TLR setup when the daily ATR of the 6E is over 140. I cannot control what the TTA founders do or did after I was dismissed.

Many of the TTA clients that knew me from my run there eventually found me and followed me over to BTTFT where they became satisfied, long term clients.

I have never lied to any of the 450+ clients that have purchased this tool set, and can demonstrate a 1% return rate, which is unheard of in this industry. I, in fact, strongly urge people to not spend their money on any tool or trading system or indicator until they have done their due diligence and determined if the programs are a fit for their personality, trading style, and unmet indicator needs. Were I to ever find myself lying to customers to get them to put their money down, the 2 other partners would summarily dismiss me and continue forward without me, as we are all born again Christians who put integrity and honesty before profit.

We have actually turned potential clients back to this forum to download their own free copies of great tools like the VolStop instead of spending money with us.

The PowerZone is an analysis tool that uses any SMA (120 is default) to historically discover trending zones using anywhere from 2 weeks to 20 weeks or more of minute based data. Using a 2-3 week period of analysis historically shows a statistically relevant repetition of trending moves moving forward in the future. The PowerZone is one of about 12 time cycle analysis tools in the package.

As always, please exhaustively research any trading tools or mentors that you are considering. I believe Big Mike's forum to be an excellent source of free information and training, and recommend it to anyone searching for credible and powerful techniques to use in day to day trading.

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