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Uncle Mikes

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Student Of The Markets
New York
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Platform: Sierra Charts, TOS
Favorite Futures: E-mini S&P 500
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bobbyacim View Post
Hi everyone,
some bad news, after watching for a while longer, Uncle mike gave back most of his winnings for the past week.
What i noted that disturbed me was that he trading on a sim for ninjatrader and when I called him out on it, he then flashed his REAL account from another computer. I suspect that he may not be taking all the trades he calls out.

As with all the other trading rooms, a burst of winning trades, followed by a slew of losers....adding up to no better than 50/50 win-loss... as good as tossing of a coin!!

After spending 6 long years at this and thousands of dollars, I am going to give up, I can not consistantly be profitable nor can I find anyone else that can be either and show a brokers statement as proof!!!!!

Trading is just educated GAMBLING......

I guess I'm a little confused here. You said that you called him out on trading SIM and then he flashed his real account from another PC? How can you tell that and was the real account profitable?

If you're saying that you have only seen traders with a 50% winning percentage, as long as their winners are bigger than their losers they should be profitable.

After 6 years, you should have learned enough to develop your own winning methodology instead of trying to find the Holy Grail from guru's who can't trade and that is why they are selling their systems and education programs.

I'm not trying to bash you or demean your efforts, its just I wouldn't give myself that long. There should be alot of questions as to why you can't find yourself producing consistent profits after 6 years. Honestly, you need to look within yourself rather than saying trading is educated gambling. Psychology plays a major role in trading and some people just can't make it.

Sorry to hear your bad fortune. Good luck!

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