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Patak Trading Partners

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Of course they are taking a cut--they are a CME member, too, and charge prop traders a markup above their membership fees. A significant markup, I might add.

The $80 Combine fee is pure profit. No education or guidance is provided. If you're a successful trader, consider the $80 sunk cost unless you get tapped to become a Prop trader in which case the $80 is credited back. But given the fact that only 7 out of hundreds of traders have been offered jobs since June, it's unlikely you are going to be selected as one of the chosen traders.

In the unlikely event you are called to be a prop trader for Patak, it doesn't really matter how much they claim they are giving you in margin. whether its $10, $50K or $1 MM. As soon as you drop below a net $2K loss in your account, they are going to drop you like a hot potato and ask you to spend another $80 to go to Combine to earn the right to use the picayune margin provided.

Listen up. If you have $10K and can afford to lose $2K of it, you're way better off without the convoluted Patak deal that rakes 40% of your profit for $2K in risk capital and charges you retail commissions to boot.

To back this up, any trader who can provide to me 3 months of trading statements that show results good enough to become a Patak Prop Trader, I will give you 60% (vs. Patak's 40%) of your net profit on the same terms and conditions as Patak. You can trade risk free with my capital. And I'll be happy to share in your profits for doing virtually nothing.

I mostly agree with you that the deal they are offering could be construed as one-sided. However, I see the value to others who simply can't trade their own cash because it is too hard. I think something you could be missing here is that some people have no problem losing other people's money, but the thought of losing their own is just too frightening. We live in a world focused on that it seems these days with the NY Bankers mentality. They didn't invent it, but they sure are doing a good job of implementing it!

Why do you think we are all so focused on getting College Degree after College Degree and stacking up our background (mostly lies) and changing jobs weekly from company to company, and wanting to work for some company who provides no dividends to investors but has an imaginary stock value (for options to give away like candy) while taking no real risk of our own. We have become the entitled risk averse Empire who will be overtaken by others.

Those are great results!

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