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I would like to respond to the negative information about the Eminiscalp product and website. I purchased the Eminiscalp Method July/2010 and have had nothing but great results with it.

This product does take some time to learn, but after you spend a fair amount of time, (3-4 weeks) doing what the creator of the product tells you to do then the real results will show themselves. If you've never traded futures and specifically the ES emini then you need to put in the time to learn how the trading dome works, and get enough screen time in so you are familiar with how the market reacts, such as ranges, volatility, etc.

I was a little frustrated for the 1st couple of weeks since I didn't have any prior experience trading the ES emini or using the trading dome. This is only natural since it was foriegn to me. If you are a beginner to this type of trading then you need to put in the time to learn the method that is being presented. I personally sim traded for about a month after receiving the Eminiscalp method. Once I was profitable on a daily basis with the sim trading I slowly moved to live trading with one contract. I can't overstate the need for the screen time, as this is the key to mastering this method.

The main thing with this method is to give it some time and follow all the rules exactly as they are laid out. Sure there are going to be a few trades that don't work out, but most will turn into profitable trades. You are not going to get 80%+ winners when you firrst start trading because you are still learning how to recognize the signals and perfecting your entry and exit strategies. When I first started trading with this method, most of the losing trades I had were because of operator error. In other words, I didn't follow all the rules exactly as the creator of the Eminiscalp laid them out.

In the past month I have not had a losing day and have averaged well over 10 ES points/day using one contract and my win/loss ratio has been over 85%.

The creator of this product has been nothing but helpful and always answers any questions I have within 24 hours and usually within a 2 hour period.

The Eminiscalp method works if you are diligent enough to put in the time to learn it. If you don't want to put the time in to learn it and give it a few weeks, then don't waste your money. I'm sure some people can learn it in less time, but I'm just telling you my experience.

I believe that the price for the Eminiscalp method is a steal if you are going to put in the effort to learn it since it will give you the potential for income for as long as you decide to trade the markets.

Once again, I am a very satisfied customer of the Eminiscalp method and would recommend it to all who are serious about becoming a profitable trader trading the ES emini.

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