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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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You saying you are not here to solicit any business but you really are by claiming:
- you can make individuals successful via what you offer
- you state you are a trader when in fact you are just an educator (show me a statement and I will rest my case)
- indirectly claiming you attained success as a trader, otherwise why would anyone bother to follow you? If you are truly successful as a trader, then a verified statement will go a long way!

Nice work to plug your case but this is just another poor selling pitch.

What makes you say Roger is a trader?

A verified statement would be good, but I think trading the actual methodology live or in Sim in the room in front of your students with nothing hidden is best, because a verified statement may not actually be from the system they are teaching. I've been to 2 different rooms, and actually worked for one of them, where the teacher did not personally trade the system they were selling. When the system would get 3 losers in a row, they would say I got winners on those because I use a more aggressive entry, or I got a better fill, or I don't take this kind of entry, etc. One of them kept saying he is both long and short on the same instrument at the same time on the same account! First, that was not part of the system, 2nd, although I think this is technically possible with NinjaTrader, I don't know of any broker which allows that. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, because I'd love to try that if I can

My generic issue as a whole with most trading rooms in the industry is, if you are teaching a system, you should be able to trade that system at least in Sim mode in front of your students. I advise anyone to take a free trial for any room they are considering, and determine how they feel about that room, and if a vendor does not offer a free trial, then skip it altogether.

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