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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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You are wrong. I would never trade in a trading room because that's not how I trade in real life. Yet I am doing well enough to support myself through trading. I still may check out a vendor or two a year. Most cannot be trusted, of course, but you don't want to throw all of them into the same bag, everyone should be given the benefit of a doubt and treated individually, and some, even if very few have proven trustworthy. But in my opinion, those who trade in rooms like that are more likely to be marketers and not traders. And just because they can trade in a room does not mean you will be able to make money following them or to use their methods. Look at how this works for you, not for them. Learn from those who have some consistent track record, and not from those who have trading rooms. These are two different things.

Sure, I can make a spreadsheet for you showing you I have a 100% track record, I have never lost a trade in the past 10 years. Now, give me $5000 If I'm learning parachuting, I want my coach to be willing to jump out of the plane with me; if I am learning glass blowing, I want my coach to blow a vase in front of me; If I'm learning trading I want to see my coach be able to take and manage trades in front of my eyes. The only track record you should believe is when you see that trade room leader take 5 trades a day every day in the room, in front of your eyes, while you watch his DOM !!! It doesn't even have to be a live account, I can accept a Sim account, but I want to see you trade, before I give you my $5k, You need to show you believe in your method enough to trade it in front of me, on the cold, unforgiving , put up or shut up, hard right edge of the chart ...Just my humble opinion

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