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Has anyone ever heard of eminisniper.com?

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trading forums like this one are not really the best source of information of this kind for 2-3 reasons, at the very least:

1. they are infiltrated by shills,
2. they tend to attract mean, opinionated individuals who rarely seem to miss an opportunity to denigrate a vendor even if they have never dealt with him,
3. just because someone likes something, does not mean you will.

In other words, do your own homework and deal with the vendor directly. If he is honest, he should be able to give you honest advice if his product would be good for you. If he has been in business for 3-5 years chances are he is honest and has something of value to offer.

I hope this helps. I don't know the vendor, so cannot advise you, but even if I liked what he offers, you might not.

I think this type of forum is exactly the right venue for such a question. We are all traders, or student traders looking for education, and developing our skills. Where else are you going to get opinions on a product or service but from people who have used it? That is why people ask for opinions, and that is what they are 'opinions' upon which someone else can get a feel for the product before moving forward. In that sample of opinions, you are going to get people who like the product, and people who don't for some reason or another, it is up to you to determine if those various reasons are a factor for you.

Every vendor should be held accountable for their product or service, and the experience that they leave with their past customers. If you get 100% of a large enough sample size saying a vendor is a liar and a cheater, or a product is not worth buying, then any potential customer should take heed. That's why we have consumer reports, and better business bureau, etc. for other businesses.

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