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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I've thought a lot about why these courses don't work for anyone except the guy giving the course. There was one here in Australia that ran for 6 months with everyone saying how brilliant it was. In the end I questioned all 30 people doing it while they were drunk at the farewell party (this is Australia) & all 30 were losing money. You sit watching the course giver trade live & they never lose plus everything's personal, these guys stick with you answering questions no matter how long it takes. They may be faking it but they certainly look like they care and they prove over & over again that they're smart enough to make money live. And still it doesn't work. Why?
My take on it is this. I'm a photographer & when I snap a few of my friend's new hamster or baby or pet rock it's possibly going to look a bit better than if they do it themselves. And the reason is that I've got about seven things I instantly check before I take a photo. Angle, lighting, focal length, background, context, exposure & mainly zing have to be just right and I can't do it any other way. 30 years of doing it that way makes me. My guess is is that the course givers are the same, it's their experience that gives them their edge more than their systems.
My turning point was when I read in a blog on Emini Trading Strategies and one guy (bless him) said, no one will tell you this but you have to backtest your system back three months and if it works you then have to double your pretend money. Otherwise you lose. I did it & found out that many of these systems simply don't make money. A lot of us thought it was psychology, lack of understanding or the big one, discipline. Nope, it's usually the system. The worst are the 50% profit/50% loss ones, they'll keep you going for years thinking it's all your fault. Until you backtest them & find out it wasn't.
After all this I found that Roger Felton's course works so I'll only sing his praises. So what if I read his ideas in Elder six years earlier? And also, so what if it took me two years to be able to apply Roger's ideas? I think the whole thing is a process, well, more a battle, and if you come out at the end feeding your family by sitting with your feet up in front of a computer rather than chasing brides all over the country every weekend then I say good on the courses. Difficult yes but that's the way I suspect it's meant to be.

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