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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I very much disagree with your point. To say thay no one would take time to learn on thier own is just not true. That would state that you did not take time to learn on your own, or me, or any one in this forum. Very broad statment. Trading is hard and hence we look for help. We step into this profession because we motivated and looking for change and there are financial rewards that would come when one can make tradin work. In many cases trading has been compared to such professions as doctor, lawyer, or an accountant. The reason because when one becomes a professional trader one can make as much, or more then any doctor, or lawyer. Al Brooks is a doctor.. Right!!!
Have you ever seen a doctor who has not graduated from the medical school, or would you like to seek an advise from a lawyer who never attended a Law School.
Trading like any other profession is in need of education, dedication. And if we are lucky enough we might find a good honest mentor who would direct us in the correct path. Hence we look and try.
In the age of Internet its easy to find people, but can they teach is all different story. Hence we get into wishes cycle try this and try that.
I truly think educators are important in this business and it is up to us to decide who is who and if they are capable of helping us to succeed.


Bad comparison, this business is not the same. Who said that these so called educators have a degree or have been profitable traders themselves. Anyone could start a trading education course and never have been a profitable trader. And there are some out there believe it or not.

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