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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I tried an auto-trade service they offered over a year ago. I wasn't mad that it lost money -- I was mad that it didn't follow its own trading plan. The system was supposed to be a scalper, but would only take one trade a day (that's great if its a super high probability trade). Then it would lose on the trade. It would stick around in losing trades far too long. It was losing $2 for every $1 made and winning on just under 50% of the trades.

As a rule now, after this and a few other experiences, I never sign up for a service that requires up-front money. (In this case it was over $1,000 "set-up" fee + a monthly fee. There are plenty of other systems you can lease for hundreds of dollars per month with no nasty up-front fee.

The actual results were so materially different than the webinar presentation that I can agree with a previous poster: "Southern Fried Snake Oil".

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