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thanks for the information you gave, Ben.

if you have traded (or even papertraded) it can you put up some details of the results you got - if you had a trade log, however brief, you might post it
- how many trades a day did you take (trading it for how long each day)?
- what was entry, initial stop loss and exit for each trade?

aside from the problems with the description on the website you pointed out above, how did you find the guy who sells it - is he as good a teacher as he claims to be?

I understand there is a yahoo voiceroom - how did you find it

Once I learned what the method was and how ambiguous it is I did not bother trading it.

How is it ambiguous?

1) The EminiScalp Method starts out with a 5 tick Stop Loss and a 3 tick Profit Target, and if you wish to trial your Stop use a 3 tick trail, once it goes 3 ticks in your favor. When the trade sets up and you are in the trade, you can get another setup in the opposite direction before the profit target is filled. One of the things that I requested Al to do was to post his trades with the entry price and the time of day so the group could compare and ask questions the following day. This was never done while I was in the chat room.

2) The Method seems to require your 89 tick chart to look exactly like Al’s with “x” number of bars to have equal highs, then the high to break before going long, or to have "x” number of bars to have equal lows, then the low to break before going short. One of the things that happened while I was in the yahoo chat room, is that there was a fellow from the U.K. who also was using Sierra Charts, this it what Al recommends, and he had a setup that turned out to be a loss. He pointed out the entry price and the time of day to Al, but Al did not have a setup on his chart and did not recognize the loss.

3) The voice room I found inadequate, many times myself and others would lose sound, not realizing it till many minutes later. What I feel is needed is for Al to have a room where you can see his live chart, so anybody can ask questions using his chart for a reference.

I hope this helps.

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