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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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I am not sure whether you have read this forum's rules ( I have) but having read through your posts it would seem as if your comments concerning Kam at L2ST certainly directly contradict them and, in my view, border on the defamatory. What exactly is your personal experience with him and his firm? I have to say that as a born sceptic my personal experience has been consistently positive over the last year and I have found him and Brian to be genuine, honest and truthful - and remarkably open and generous to boot. I have no axe to grind - I have no connection with the firm of either Brian or Kam except as a demanding but satisfied customer - but wanted to set my experience down for the record as describing Kam as a con artist is really outrageous and I'd suggest you are more careful with such defamatory remarks.


Red Toucan

Thank you a very new member from England for another opportunity to explain why my opinions about L2ST do not contradict the forum rules. This forum is created primarily to help traders in their difficult lonely endeavor and not to promote vendors. The fact that kamd has chosen to become a member doesn't protect him from being criticized as a dishonest vendor. He is still a vendor, isn't he?
I can see that you have not read my posts carefully enough to realize that I have no relationships with kamd and my personal experiences are limited to watching his mambo jumbo lessons and reading his claims right here. Hasn't he claimed right here that he coaches hedge funds and prop traders? Is that true? If not what do you think is the purpose of such a lie? When I first read such claim I couldn't help but felt that kamd was such a prominent teacher that I should definitely pay for his lessons: if big hedge fund traders do it, it must be worth it! Than I realized that all I have to confirm this claim is kamd's words.
Another thing is the service that is provided for the money. I will paraphrase here, but as FT71 explained his reasons to start a trading blog: he was tired of watching six-graders teaching fifth-graders math and charging thousands for the lessons. You see I know that Larry Williams is a successful trader, I can see that John Grady is making money trading cause he displays his statement right on his website. All that I've seen from kamd so far is sim trading. How do we know if the service he is providing is worth the money? How do we even know that he is a trader himself? That is easy to show, isn't it?
So, luckily for us here we are not discussing religion, but something provable and factual. Good lessons should bring positive measurable results At least with some students. Or the money is wasted on a con-artist. That is my honest opinion, but
I will give you my word to apologize for my somewhat direct opinions in case 2 things happen:

a) you as a "satisfied customer" (or kamd himself at least as a teacher) should be able to demonstrate why are you satisfied by showing us consistent profits on your account statements for a few months. You can mask the private information, all we are looking for are the numbers.
Any other student's of his statements will suffice btw;

b) kamd provides prove that he has more than 1 student among big hedge funds traders;

I am sorry but your words are not enough. I don't even know you, how can I trust you to trust somebody claiming to have students among guys like yourself and hedge fund traders (in the same room I assume)?
Just think about it for a second, could that be true? That kamd is coaching billioneers how to trade? In the same trading room with us, hundreneers? Or maybe they, billioneers, hire him to experience his art of certifiable NLP specialist? That is more likely now, since the death of Ari Kiev. There must be shortage in the trading psychology field, so every one with such credentials is sought by the hedge fund traders.