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Chat freezing

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Chat freezing

Mike, I don't think that my chat problems are due to your messing with the site at any given time... also there are many of us experiencing this problem... and it is occuring randomly across time... usually reloading the page shows the missed messages, but Saturday I clicked refresh numerous times with no result.. later I did and it showed hours worth of messages.

here are a few posts about it in case you missed them:

4:11am Peter: me too ... I thought it was just quiet with US
3:24am max-td: dont like to klick reload every minute
3:22am max-td: sorry -- CHAT-update-problem
3:21am max-td: i think i have it too now --i realized it the first time today
3:20am max-td: whats up with this chart-update-problem ? any infos on that ?
11:44pm Saroj: Mike, any idea why chat freezes up every so often? my last message was at 9:15pm.. I clicked on refresh and see messages up to 11:29..

06-21-09 1:37 PM sharky: i think there is a bug in the auto update somewhere
06-21-09 1:36 PM sharky: no its this site
06-21-09 1:32 PM Saroj: I was beginning to wonder if it was something on my LAN that was interfering, but I don't have any trouble with any other chat
06-21-09 1:24 PM sharky: yes dont know whats wrong with it
06-21-09 1:20 PM Saroj: chat has gone funky again

06-20-09 6:54am Saroj: so... if you see that I'm logged in but not participating for hours at a time... I'm not ignoring you.. I just don't realize anyone is chatting
06-20-09 6:53am Saroj: Jeesh... I hate that this chat keeps freezing up... I refreshed it 2 or 3 times after the "last" post at 6:16... just did again and I see that there was lots of chatting from then until 10p.m. when I went to bed..

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