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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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new york
Trading Experience: Intermediate
Platform: ninjatrader
Broker/Data: mb trading
Favorite Futures: 6e
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trending or not does not a good track record make

With all due respect, you lack of experience shows when you assume that anyone can make money just because a market is trending. I have been in the game for 5 yeaRS OTHERS ON THIS SITE FOR A LOT LONGER. Consistantly taking money out of the markets has more to do with your skills as a trader than market bias. Please understand markets rarely go straight up or down, they jerk back and forth within the longer trend. Because of this you have to get the entry, trade management and exit corect or you will not make any money regardless weather the market is trending or consolidating. Hey I've seen traders make money in choopy markets and loose in trending markets. It all about your skill level. And this type of skill taks years to perfect.

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