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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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Read carefully kamd's posts

Now guys you see what I was talking about. There is a certified NLP practitioner among us which nevertheless does not use many NLP techniques himself. That is what we call Peak Performance Coaching. If you watched a free DOM "scaling" 3 hour short freebie you know that it works but if it does not and you've lost your account trying to replicate it -- hey it is a freebie just throw it away!
And do you know the secret to success of the hedge fund's traders? Do you know why they make a lot of money trading? That is simple -- their secret is 1 on 1 coaching they regularly receive from kamd

I do not have to add anything else here, do I?
P.S. My only motivation is to prevent a con artist from taking advantage of confused fellow traders. Sasha is not my full name and even more -- it is not my name outside of this forum, and how one can make a different conclusion if he is not on drugs avoids my comprehension