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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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mentorship costs


Just to clarify that, the 10k mentorship is the most premium product from L2ST for independent and professional traders, its a full 1 year programme that requires a lot of personal time, hard work and dedication with weekly meetings for performance tracking review, feedback and Peak Performance Coaching. Its a fully structured process, that mostly professional traders (Proprietary and Hedge Fund Traders) and at times the independent trader too. However, one person may think 10k is cheap another may think its expensive, it really depends on the individual. To make this more affordable for other independent trading clients L2ST decided to run Group Mentorship (10 Students), that started this september 2010. Its a very similar structure for around 2500. Its a very comprehensive programme, and is already full for the next year or so. The number of students is limited, so that a quality mentorship standard can be maintained. I would be interested to know what else if anything else that is similar out there, that can offer the value of this mentorship. To be honest if you can find anyone offer anything like this programme for much cheaper, go for it. L2ST just want to help traders, and if you feel that you are better off with a deal from another firm, that makes more sense and is more attractive, go for it. A lot of material is available FREE via the L2ST website and our blog. If any one is not prepared to pay for training there is a quite a lot of free stuff out there that can help provide at least some good advice and information to guide you in the right direction. You have to remember that, Training seminars/webinars and Live trading Rooms are very different education, whilst a Coaching and Mentorships are completely different.

Trading experience will always count for more than anything else in this business, Quiet simply, your best coach will ALWAYS be the market. So anyone that can do it alone without the help of 3rd party education, should do so. It just makes sense, if you do not need education, then DO NOT pay for it. However for those that need guidance and advise find a mentor/coach that you can be accountable to and that will help you through any struggles that may arise. As traders you need to be willing to take risks whilst trading and comparing the Risk to Reward, similarly when investing in your education you should work out your potential ROI (Return On Investment) after the completion of a training Programme. If you clearly understand the benefits of a training/education programme and understand that it could potentially save you a lot of time (our most valuable resource) as well as money in the long term, it makes sense. However obviously if you feel that the training education is not worthwhile, then it does n't make sense to invest. Common sense really. If any education appears to be overpriced for you just contact the training company, and ask to help setup a payment plan.

If a trader cannot afford education, they probably cannot afford to trade. Depending on the amount of capital a traders is trading, you can quite easily lose the cost of quality education in 1 day trading if you are unprepared and uneducated. Most clients that would invest in a 1on1 mentorship for 10K, will be the type of client that understands that that is not a lot of money in todays markets, and could be the risk of 1 trade. up to a month or so trading.

There is a lot of education available so, be selective and have a budget (as outlined in your business plan for education) and find someone that you can relate to and trust. Personally I always budget at least 10k for investment in education in my yearly business plans, this is usually for self development, which is a continuous process. Others will always have opinions of what they feel is right or wrong, however you must remember that you may not necessarily agree.

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