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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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JP is good trader but not so hot to teach. I have been in his room and study with JP. Two years ago JP did not have any documentation for his set ups. I do not know what he is offering now. When I study with him I had to document all his set ups as he would show all in the room. His teaching was very desorgnized, so if you are new to trading I do not think you should jump with JP. One other point about JP and I must give him some credit for it. JP is one of the most discipline traders I know. He would not diviate from his set up at all. He does trade from 3-6 lots and would take some out, but at the end would keep a runner for very long time. On the other hand if he is wrong he would let bad trade go and add to bad position. In this case he would call it a "wiggle room". In some cases he would add to bad trade which he would call it McGaver (spelling). I could never get used to such trading.
So since rules are rules you ether trade or not.
Now since my account could not hold such trading I could never truly was able to take full advantage of what JP was doing.
After all said and done I continue to think that JP is very good at what he does when we are talking about trading, but not all good traders are good teachers.
So if you do not have enough account size and you do not know how to manage your money I do not think JP would be good place for you to start.

Just my view on the subject.


PS if I was still trading ES and was still looking how to trade with Market Profile I would look to see what TraderGirl is going.

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