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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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Not sure if anyone mentioned these rooms but I like the following two among the many others I have seen or heard about -

1. jpjtrading.com - I am a member there. Market profile and ES trading. A lot of good traders sharing their trades and thoughts, so it can be distracting if one allows. The owner (JP) runs a week of free trial every three or six months showing his trades. Then he teaches for 3 months ($400 a month for a total of $1200 I believe ). After that no charges for the room with on going trading and teaching. JP is not the best teacher but his setups follow a logical method. He makes live calls. In my opinion, you have to trade multiple contracts to make best of his method. Small traders (1 lot traders like myself) can get frustrated. He is trying to help out small traders by including setups from other successful traders in the room.

2. tradingconcepts (tmitchell.com) - I did Todd Mitchell's Emini futures trading course a long time back and he recently started a trading room. I am not a member of his room. I think he charges $200 a month. He also has a Forex room. Todd has a sound method and is based on market flow and price action. He uses bands and MAs to aid his entries. I gathered his sidekick trades and makes live calls. He does not allow chat in the room and so it helps people who may otherwise get distracted. I don't think he offers free trials.

Hi, regarding jpjtrading, how hard is it to learn from him assuming one is beginning from a blank slate, i.e. 100% noob? Also, it appears he uses IRT/MarketDelta as his platform, so what about the NT users? Are there other members in there who have developed workarounds? Also, you said that to make the best of his method, one would have to trade multiple contracts, so how hard is it for a single-lot trader to stay afloat? And what's the recommended min account size?

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